Love After Gloomfall

Love After Gloomfall
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 490Resonance
73Memory Fragment
Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Love After Gloomfall is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Watcher Isti wants you to collect stories about what Holdan has been up to the past year and close the gap that has grown between them.


Watcher Isti, like so many, hasn't been the same since the Fall. In his struggle, he and his husband have drifted apart. He wants you to see what his husband's been up to in the year Isti's been absent, in the hopes of learning something that might aid in rebuilding their relationship again.


Both Watcher Isti and his husband have spent the past year devoting themselves to defending and rebuilding Skylight in the face of the Gloom. Unfortunately, with little time to spend with each other, their marriage has deteriorated. With the city needing them more than ever, hope that they might reconcile has begun to dwindle.



Clear Peace Offering.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Watcher Isti in the Highlands.


  1. Peace Offering
  2. Love After Gloomfall
  3. From the Ashes


  • Phase 1
    • Talk to Holdan's Friend at Damon's Bell
  • Phase 2
    • Talk to Holdan's Friends at the Bitter End
  • Phase 3
    • Talk to the Repair Crew Across the Bridge
  • Phase 4
    • Talk to Ruby at the West Gate
  • Phase 5
    • Speak to Holdan Again
  • Phase 6
    • Talk to Warden Hass About Watcher Isti
  • Phase 7
    • Talk to a Soldier Posted on the Top of the Gate to Lower Skylight
  • Phase 8
    • Ask the Upper Gate Guard at the Crossroads Foundry
  • Phase 9
    • Relay Isti's Heroics Back to Holdan
  • Phase 10
    • Return to Watcher Isti


Start Quest
Watcher Isti

You know, Holdan and I were best friends for years before we got married. I used to know every thought in his head before they even sprouted! But this last year...

I know I've been distracted. I know. But it ain't easy out 'ere, Wayfinder. There aren't many of us left, defending Skylight, and the like.

I saw a boy today. Clawed to death by one of those things. Those Wretch's from the Gloom. And he was young. Far too young.

How does someone just go home after seeing something like that? How can anyone just play house and pretend its all sunshine and daisies?

Sometimes, I guess... it was easier to not go home.


What do you want to do, Isti?

Watcher Isti

I have to fix this.

I've forgotten my husband, and that's on me. Wayfinder, if you would, ask around about Holdan. See who he's become since I marched off to fight the Gloom.

If I've got any chance of making this right, I need to learn who the man I love is, all over again.

Clear Phase 1
Skylight Citizen

Oh, hey again. Did you end up finding Holdan?


Would you mind telling me a bit about Holdan?

Skylight Citizen

Hmm.. Big question. Holdan does a little bit of everything. Most days though, he's helping Ruby collect supplies, especially near the Burned Village.

That might not sound like much, but even for a fighting man, stepping outside Skylight can be a death sentence. And Holdan's never been the toughest guy on the block.

Still, if supplies are low, that man doesn't rest. Like, literally, one time a few months ago, he stayed up for three days straight trying to get us rations when the reserves ran out.

You should talk to some of the folks down at the tavern. They've seen him a lot more than me this past year. Probably have better stories too!

Clear Phase 2
Skylight Citizen

Wayfinder! Care to share a drink?


Maybe next time. I need to ask about Holdan.

Skylight Citizen

Holdan? Why're you asking about him?


Wayfinder business.

Skylight Citizen

Fair enough. Holdan's the man of the hour actually! Pulled clumsy Gregor here out of a collapsed building a few hours ago.

A load bearing pillar gave out as we were collecting supplies. Whole place came down in seconds. Luckily Holdan saw the break just as it happened and tossed Gregor straight out the doorway!

If you're looking into Holdan though, you should really talk to the repair crew across the bridge.

Clear Phase 3
Skylight Citizen

Need something? We're a touch busy. If these repairs don't get finished, none of your Seekers can do their jobs properly. You do like having functional weapons and armor, right?


I need to ask you about Holdan.

Skylight Citizen

Holdan? He's a kind fellow. Hope he's not in any trouble. He gave us a bit of help out at the Burned Village not too long ago.


Just an inquiry. Tell me about the village.

Skylight Citizen

Eh, not a pleasant topic. We were lookin' for supplies and came across some bodies. It's not a rare sight to find these days, so most of the crew paid it no mind and kept on working.

Afore the Gloom, people used to sing for the dead. Called it the Red Bird's Call. ‘Tis a song of mourning. Sung so that our souls might be carried onward to a true and final rest.

I was loading in some wood when I heard the tune. Sent a chill up my spine. Been years since anyone's sung it. It lessened the pain, ‘spite all those grave-less souls.

If you're wanting the real truth on Holdan, you should really be talking to Foreman Ruby. She and ‘im are like two peas, you know?

Clear Phase 4
Foreman Ruby

You again. Always a pleasure, naturally. Looking for work?


Actually, I need you to tell me about Holdan.

Foreman Ruby

Holdan? Hard worker. Good man. Is he in some sort of trouble?


In a manner of speaking.

Foreman Ruby

I know that look. This is about his husband, isn't it? The Watcher?


You've got the right of it.

Foreman Ruby

Figured as much. The pair of them have really helped Skylight, but it's clear to see for anyone who knows Holdan, that he's been unhappy for some time.

Of course, Watcher Isti is doing his best as well, I'm sure. The way I've heard it, there's been many a night we would've been overrun with Shrikes if he hadn't been there.

But if something doesn't change between them... I wouldn't be surprised if Holdan decided to leave. A person can't be married to a stranger.

I'm not sure Skylight would survive if either of them changed. Isti guards the gates and Holdan keeps us supplied. The both of them have been huge parts of the city's survival this last year.

A lot of the people who never leave the city think of the Gloom as this far off thing. Like the Gloomfall came and went. Destroyed our lives, but now we're free to pick up the pieces.

But that's not the reality. The truth is that the Gloom is here. It is coming. It is always coming.

The only the thing keeping it at bay are people like Holdan and Isti. Well, and people like you, Wayfinder, most of all.

But that takes a toll. It takes little pieces of them every day. Of who they are. Of who they were.

Because of them, the Gloom might not take us today. But for that to be true, it has to take from them. Like it takes from us all.

That's probably not what you wanted to hear, but it is the truth. I wouldn't count them out just yet though. The people here... the people of Skylight. They're resilient. Be seeing you.

Clear Phase 5

Well, I already got Holdan's side of the story. It's only fair I learn a bit more about Isti before calling it quits.


You came back? I'm glad. I wanted to talk to you after last time...


I've been helping Isti. He feels awful.


Look, Wayfinder, I overreacted when you were here before. For that, I'm sorry. But my feelings haven't changed. My husband and I just aren't... working anymore.


I learned a lot about you both today.


About us?


You and your husband are doing good work.


Of course we are. Everyone lost much after the Fall. We couldn't just keep sitting and waiting for the end. We had to help.


If you keep on like this, your marriage will end.


I know... I'm not sure if my husband knows, but I have for some time.

But I can't give up on the people here. I won't. However painful that might be.


So, what do you want to do?


I... don't know. I need some time to think. Apologies, Wayfinder. I hoped all I'd have to combat today was the Gloom. Somehow love is so much harder.


Take your time. I've got an idea, actually.


I'm not sure what you think might mend this all... But you've been good enough to us this far. I trust you.

Clear Phase 6
Warden Hass

Ah, hello again. If you're here, I imagine something important is afoot.


I need to know about Watcher Isti.

Warden Hass

Watcher Isti? I suppose I should question why you're asking after one of my soldiers, but who am I to question a Wayfinder?

Isti is one of the good ones, if that was in question. Reliable. Always the first to volunteer for the work that really needs doing. But, in truth, an officer can only tell you so much.

If you want a real look at someone, you need to see how they treat those around and beneath them. If I were you, I'd talk to some of the soldiers posted atop the gate. They'll give you an honest look.

Clear Phase 7
Skylight Soldier

A Wayfinder!? Holy Arcs... H-How can I help, m'liege?


Not a liege. But you can tell me about Isti.

Skylight Soldier

Watcher Isti? To be honest, I haven't worked with him much. But a lot of the veterans talk about him often. He's always sent out on our tactical missions. Those're the roughest ones.

I heard he quashed a Shrike ambush last week. Saved something like a dozen troops. Watcher Chell could tell you about it. She's posted up on the upper gate at the Crossroads Foundry today.

Clear Phase 8
Skylight Soldier

Wayfinder! Are there Gloom creatures about? I'd offer my assistance, but I'm a bit worse for wear at the moment.


I heard you were ambushed by Shrikes.

Skylight Soldier

Aye. Took a shot in the shoulder, though I was lucky that's all I took.

We were transporting some newly procured Godsblood to that fixer, Kestrel, and two dozen Shrikes ambushed the caravan as we were pushing through a tunnel.

I felt the sting in my shoulder and was down for the count. Thought that was the end, but Watcher Isti chucked an incendiary charge and set off a collapse of the whole tunnel!

The Shrikes that didn't get crushed got trapped on the other side of a rock wall. Had to get back to Skylight the long way around, but all things considered, no one died. That's a good day.

I don't like doing this work. It's thankless. But without Godsblood deliveries, Skylight's machinery will up and collapse.

I've got my folks to take care of. They're too old now to be freezing to death in some unheated shack because I was too scared to make a supply run.

We're, all of us, lucky. Not sure what we'd do if Isti wasn't always watching our back.

Clear Phase 9

Back so soon? I told you... I need to think.


I took the time to ask around about Isti.


What? Why would you...


Your husband's a hero. I wrote what I heard.


I see. I'll... I'll read it. Thank you.

Clear Quest
Watcher Isti

You're back. So, what did you find out?


A lot. Do you have some time? We should talk.

Watcher Isti

If this is as heavy as you're making it sound, I might need some time to process, but...

Yes. I'm all ears...

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