The Lair of the Whisperer

The Lair of the Whisperer
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 5331Resonance
533Memory Fragment
2Large Wayfinder Resonance Cache
Large Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP

The Lair of the Whisperer is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Equipped with a piece of the Whisperer hunting you, you can craft a Gloomtrace to track the creature to its lair and finish it off.


The Huntmaster has told you that the Whisperer hunting you is known as Ryv'n the Devourer, and it has killed many Seekers over the past year. Now that you have a connection to craft a Gloomtrace, you must find the Breach that leads to its lair in the Gloom. From there, you can end the monstrosity.


You walked the Path—as said by the Huntmaster—chasing the Whisperer that was stalking you into its lair and vanquishing it in battle. Without Ryv'n the Devourer hunting you, you no longer have to look over your shoulder. Even better, the Huntmaster seemed somewhat… pleased.



Clear Whispers on the Wind.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to The Huntmaster in Skylight.


  1. A Worthy Opponent
  2. Whispers on the Wind
  3. The Lair of the Whisperer


  • Phase 1
    • Craft a Gloomtrace for Ryv'n the Devourer
  • Phase 2
    • Finish the Hunt by Slaying Ryv'n the Devourer
  • Phase 3
    • Return to the Huntmaster in Skylight


Start Quest
The Huntmaster

Your quarry is wounded. Its blood carries on the winds. It knows this, and will do its best to vanish. It is time you cornered your prey and delivered the killing stroke.

Omen, I take it, has instructed you in the connection needed to enter a Breach?


A connection like this piece of the Whisperer?

The Huntmaster

You learn quickly. Take the armored plate. Use it to craft a Gloomtrace, find what haven this creature has chosen to lick its wounds, and finish the hunt.

Today, we vanquish a plague on the Seekers. Ryv'n the Devourer falls.


Ryv'n the Devourer?

The Huntmaster

Were you unaware? Yes. You face no ordinary Whisperer. I knew it the moment you brought me that plate.

The Devourer has stalked the Seeker's ranks this past year. Killed and consumed many. No longer. The hunter becomes the hunted. Slay it. And avenge the graveyard it left in its wake.

Clear Phase 2
The Huntmaster

Good. Feel the weight of its death in your bones. You have slain the Devourer. You have taken your first step upon the Path.

Clear Quest
The Huntmaster

The hunter returns. Bloodied, as is right. You felled that which would have devoured you in turn. That was… a good hunt.


It is a relief to have conquered it.

The Huntmaster

Relief. Hrmph. Not the word I would use. But the Path is unique to each hunter that walks it, and you have earned some manner of rest.

Go now. The hunt has ended. Until the next quarry rears its head, our business is done.

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