What Lurks in the Shadows

What Lurks in the Shadows
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 295Resonance
2Grey Gloomstone
115Memory Fragment
10Small Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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Controlling the Chaos Eyes to See

What Lurks in the Shadows is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Halar has given you the task of hunting down Broodmother S'ilreth in the Codex Halls. There's no telling what lies ahead. Regardless, you must be ready.


It is time for you to face Broodmother S'ilreth in the Codex Halls to solve the mystery of the warped spiders. Craft a Gloomtrace and use it to hunt down the creature.



Clear Controlling the Chaos.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Craft the Gloomtrace
  • Phase 2
    • Enter the Broodmother's Lair
  • Phase 3
    • Kill Broodmother S'ilreth
  • Phase 4
    • Bring the Myriad Stone to Lord Halar.


Start Quest
Lord Halar

I believe we may be able to use these gloomtraces to target specific foes in the future, if needed.

Craft the Gloomtrace and then go to the Gate; the Gloomtrace will guide you to your foe. We need to know what the Codex was doing; this Broodmother may hold the answer. Good luck.

Clear Phase 3

I don't know what it is that you've found, but I can feel its power even through our link. Bring it to Lord Halar as quickly as possible.

Clear Quest
Lord Halar

The stone... Yes... Yes! If this is what I think it is, why, it could change everything! The facets, the fragments, glimmers of Gloom and chaotic currents—give me a moment to study it.

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