Book of Gloom

Book of Gloom
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 1358Resonance
140Memory Fragment
4Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
5Unstable Spectra
5Shadow-Warped Spectra
2000Reward Tower XP

Book of Gloom is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Recover the journals of the First Scribe—Shadow and Chaos pages—for the Curator of the Codex Archives. You can find the pages in the Repository of Knowledge when you use Chaos or Shadow Imbuements.


The Codex Curator wants to recover the journals of the First Scribe. If you use either a Shadow Imbuement, Flora Imbuement, or a combination of the two on your expeditions into the Repository of Knowledge, you should be able to find the pages he needs. Omen hopes these may shed light on the Gloom or reveal more about Those Who Came Before.


You were able to recover the First's research journal from below the Repository of Knowledge, completing the tasks set by the Codex Curator. While the contents of the Journal are encrypted, Omen believes they will help the Seekers understand the Gloom, and reveal more information about the Mother of Shadows, the Precursor who was advising the First Scribe.



Clear Book of Death.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to the Curator during the Undercroft Expedition.


  1. Book of Shadow
  2. Book of Chaos
  3. Book of Growth
  4. Book of Rebirth
  5. Book of Death
  6. Book of Gloom
  7. Restoring the Archives


  • Phase 1
    • Collect Shadow Pages in the Repository While Using a Shadow Imbuement (2)
    • Collect Chaos Pages in the Repository While Using a Chaos Imbuement (2)
  • Phase 2
    • Return to the Curator to Assemble the Book in the Undercroft


Start Quest

We're nearly there, Initiate, nearly there. Just one more crucial piece of work to be recovered. Then we can seal the archives and bury them in the Substrata, where the Archons will never find them.


What is it you need?


The journals of the First Scribe herself. It is she who helped us forge the Substrata, she who understands the secret knowledge of Those Who Came Before.


Where can I find her?


You cannot disturb the First Scribe! Especially now! She must be preparing our final defenses against this vile assault. And if she is thinking of... No, no. You cannot speak with her.


So what do you want me to do?


She conducted her research in the Repository of Knowledge. Go there and walk the paths of Shadow and Chaos. Find the pages of her journal and bring them to me. Go, quickly!


Those Who Came Before. The Precursors. We knew the Silver Codex was in contact with them, that this is what brought the Archons down upon them. But it seems that this is our chance to learn more.


What do you hope to find?


Aurelian collapsed into Gloom decades before the Fall. If the First Scribe was working with Chaos and Shadow energies—this could help us understand how they created the Conflux Arc.

Beyond that, it could give us a deeper understanding into the nature of the Gloom itself. And we need to learn all that we can about "Those Who Came Before." Let's see what you can find.


Very well.

Clear Phase 1

Yes, that's it. Return the pages to me in the Undercroft!

Clear Quest

There is nothing so beautiful as the writing of the First Scribe. I know the Archons are coming for us. I can smell the blood and smoke. But I will die content knowing her work has been preserved.


But if you all die, what's the point?


I believe the First Scribe will grant us all eternal life, Initiate. She will call us back into the world... and when she does, I will be rewarded for my diligence.


She did draw you back. But you're just a remnant.


This is no joking matter, Initiate. You cannot begin to comprehend the genius of the First Scribe. We will be restored and perfected!


You died, Curator. Decades ago.


I will hear no more of this! Begone! If you would regain my favor, go fight the Archons; perhaps you can avenge our fallen before you die.


The Curator can't hear what you're trying to tell him. He's trapped in his final day, endlessly marching toward his death. I wonder if it was the Archons who killed him, or if he died in the Gloom.


I know. Can you read the First's journal?


Some of it... enough to make me desperate to read more. The First Scribe writes about dealing with the Mother of Shadows—a name mentioned in the legends of the Aegis War.

The Mother of Shadows taught the First how to manipulate what we now know as the Gloom. But beyond that... she's using three difference ciphers, and making references I don't understand.

Corbin will be able to decipher it; it's simply a matter of time. Between this, Rowan's work on Gloom flora, the insights into the creation of remnants—the Seekers are in your debt. Again.


I'm glad to help.

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