The Fallen Shrike

The Fallen Shrike
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 680Resonance
Grey Gloomstone
145Memory Fragment
9Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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Distress Beacon Into the Pit

The Fallen Shrike is a main quest in Wayfinder.



The smuggler Kestrel has a safehouse in Lower Skylight, and Warden Hass gave you the password. You should head there to see if Kestrel can help you with the Trial of Lingering Light.


After speaking with Warden Hass, you've learned that the smuggler Kestrel has a safehouse in Lower Skylight. The Warden has given you the password. Hopefully Kestrel can help you with the Trial of Lingering Light.



Clear Distress Beacon.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Find Kestrel's Hideout in Lower Skylight
  • Phase 2
    • Talk to Kestrel in her Hideout


Start Quest
Warden Hass

Most Watchers don't like dealing with Kestrel. Wolf would be furious. But I know Kestrel better than most. Seekers, Shrikes, she works with everyone—and that's how she gets results.

She's got a safehouse down here in the lower city—a sanctuary for the Shrikes that didn't go bad after the Fall and others with reason not to live in the Upper City. Dangerous people, but useful.

Look for a tavern with a fallen sign, and a burning barrel just next to it. The password is "nightshade"—be sure you remember that, unless you want a knife in your back.


How will I recognize Kestrel?

Warden Hass

Oh, something tells me you'll know her when you see her. Luck be with you, Wayfinder.

Clear Quest

Well, look what the Gloom dragged in. I'm impressed, love. You must have quite the question.


YOU'RE Kestrel? Why didn't we talk before?


The Seekers don't want the nefarious Kestrel doing business in their pristine little fortress. But I like to have my hand in things, so I keep them clean while I'm upstairs. So what do you want?


I need to complete the Trial of Lingering Light.


The Trial of Lingering Light? You're a little late, aren't you? Aurelian was razed by the Maze decades ago.


I still need to perform the ritual. Can you help?


Oh, I see. Yeah, I can help you. Question is, Wayfinder, what are you willing to give in exchange? What'd you say? Favor for a favor, love?

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