The Fall of the Silver Codex

The Fall of the Silver Codex
Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 3225Resonance
Blue Gloomstone
325Memory Fragment
Memory of the First
14Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
Primal Draught
2000Reward Tower XP
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The Bloodworks Duality

The Fall of the Silver Codex is a main quest in Wayfinder.



It is time for you to challenge the upper echelons of the Silver Codex. The Argent Hand awaits you in the Undercroft.


Omen believes it was the monks themselves which may have triggered Aurelian's collapse. She wants you to challenge some of the leaders of the Silver Codex, the Argent Hand, and learn what happened in their final hour.


You defeated the Codex sages known as the Argent Hand. During the battle, you learned that it was the First Scribe who collapsed Aurelian into shadow to prevent the Archons from claiming the gifts of the Precursors.



Clear The Bloodworks.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Craft the Argent Hand Gloomtrace
  • Phase 2
    • Enter the Argent Hand Hunt
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
    • Bring the Conflux Arc to Omen in Skylight
  • Phase 5
    • Give the Cracked Conflux Arc to Lord Halar in Skylight
  • Phase 6


Clear Phase 2
Master Samar

Dalys! Dalys! Report, damn you!

Master Dalys

We've lost the Codex Halls, Master Samar. And the Archons have entered the Undercroft.

Master Samar

Hold them! The Conflux Arc is almost ready. Just a little more time and we will smother them in shadows.

Master Dalys

We'll do what we can. But you must work quickly!

Master Samar

How dare you? You are a fool to face us in our place of power, Archon!

Master Dalys

We're being overrun, Samar! The Archons are approaching the Repository of Knowledge.

Master Samar

I will not allow this. We will destroy you, Archon, and all of your kind.

Clear Phase 3
The First

I will not allow the gifts of the Precursors to fall into the hands of these fools! You've failed me, brothers, but at least you served to prepare the Conflux Arc.

Master Samar

First Scribe? No. It's not ready! If you activate the Arc, it will destroy us all!

Silver Codex Monk


Absolute silence. This must be when the monastery collapsed into the Gloom.

Clear Phase 4

The mystery deepens. The sages were preparing a final defense, but they didn't destroy Aurelian. That must have been the First... and she spoke of the Precursors.


I've heard her voice somewhere before.


There was something about her... No. If the First triggered the collapse, surely she died with the rest of the Silver Codex.

But this—this Conflux Arc could be the key. This is how they triggered the Gloom collapse. It's ruined, but it's possible Lord Halar can learn something from it.

Clear Phase 5
Lord Halar

Ah, our stalwart champion! Yes, Omen told me what you have found. Dire news to be certain.

Yet with this storm comes a lining of brilliant silver, no? We have here an opportunity to study what could be considered forbidden knowledge.

Leave this with me, Wayfinder, and I will find out what I can. Though, learning anything of merit may take me some time. For now, I would return to Omen. I am sure she has need of you.

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