Hidden Knowledge

Hidden Knowledge
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 1804Resonance
205Memory Fragment
5Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

Hidden Knowledge is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Lord Halar wants you to find Decoder stations in the Undercroft to decipher the data found in Tracer Orbs.


The Tracer Orbs you found in the Codex Halls proved to be encrypted. Lord Halar wants you to bring them to Decoder Stations in the Undercroft to gain access to their data.


You sucessfully decoded several Tracer Orbs using the Decoder stations in the Undercroft. Now all that's left is for Lord Halar to parse through this wealth of data.



Start quest[edit]

Talk to Lord Halar in Skylight.


  1. Tracing the Past
  2. Hidden Knowledge
  3. Echoes of Eternity


  • Phase 1
    • Decode Tracers in the Aurelian Ruins (3)
  • Phase 2
    • Return to Lord Halar in Skylight


Start Quest
Lord Halar

Ah, Wayfinder. Perfect! Drop whatever you're doing!


Do you need something, Lord Halar?

Lord Halar

These Tracer Orbs have proved more trouble than I anticipated. It seems the Aurelian monks secured the information within with some dreadful security measures.


Tracer Orbs?

Lord Halar

Wondrous devices. Capable of holding vast collections of information with incredible detail. We still know little about the specifics of the Silver Codex's research. I wish to rectify this.

Clearly, the monks must have had their own means to retrieve the data from the Orbs. Perhaps some cipher or decoding system dwells deeper within the Monastery?

Yes… Yes! I've read of such technologies before dwelling within the monastery's Undercroft. The monks must have retrofitted some of the stations to function as a Decoder.

We must decode these Tracers. Therefore, I fear, it is time you took another foray into the Gloom. Steel yourself. The Undercroft awaits.

Clear Phase 1
Lord Halar

Ha! What robust defense mechanisms! I shall surely gain a treasure-trove of data from this.

Clear Quest
Lord Halar

You have the decoded tracers? Wonderful work!

Now, it is time we saw what secrets were so important that the monastery went to such protective lengths.

The wealth of information in these is vast, however. Give me some time to sift through the data, my devotee! Surely a discovery for the ages awaits us just over the horizon.

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