A Dip in the Dark

A Dip in the Dark
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 2888Resonance
295Memory Fragment
8Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

A Dip in the Dark is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Avala believes these tears in reality appearing around the Highlands lead to pockets of pure Gloom. Find a Gloom Tear in the Highlands and attempt to enter it to collect more data.


Despite the Beacon's protection, the Highlands are suffering corruption from the Gloom. Avala wants you to find a tear in reality, known as a Gloom Tear, and enter it to gather data for her research. Hopefully, whatever you find will lead her to an answer.


You were able to fight your way into a Gloom Tear and grab readings with Seeker Avala's device. She seems pleased to have more information about the Gloom manifesting in the Highlands. However, it looks like there may soon be more questions to answer.



Clear Shadows Fall.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Seeker Avala in the Highlands.


  1. Shadows Fall
  2. A Dip in the Dark
  3. Wish Upon a Star


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
    • Open the Gloom Tear Wide Enough to Enter
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4
    • Return the Umbral Recorder and Data to Seeker Avala


Start Quest
Seeker Avala

So, Wayfinder, up for taking a journey into some Gloom Tears? I suppose, alternatively, you could test the effects of this wurm venom for me. I need grafts of its effects on skin.


What are Gloom Tears?

Seeker Avala

Oh, sublime! I do love a lecture. The Gloom, you see, twists the world around it.

First it corrupts, and second it alters the very forms of whatever it touches. If left unchecked, the Gloom can break down reality as we understand it.

This is where we get Gloom Tears, like knives cutting through the fabric of reality. I know they're destroying our world, but from a scientific perspective they're kind of beautiful, don't you think?


Not really?

Seeker Avala

Lost zones are echoes of places consumed by the Gloom. If I'm right, a Gloom Tear will take you into a region of pure, elemental Gloom.

It'll be dangerous, I'm sure, but there's so much we could learn! Perhaps... perhaps this is what these darkling fallen stars are—chunks of concentrated Gloom.

Hmm… Crystallizing in an unknown subspace, maybe? Thereby punching holes in the sky as they enter and fall to our world. We've so many theories to explore!

Which leads us to you! I've got an Umbral Recorder capable of capturing readings of the Gloom. But because I'm not YOU, I can't get close enough to use it.


So, you need me to get a reading from a Tear?

Seeker Avala

It's a bit more complicated, I'm afraid. I want you to find a Gloom Tear here in the Highlands, and then, I want you to widen it so that it's large enough to enter.

Once you're inside, I'll be in contact with all sorts of wondrous tests for you to perform!

Exciting, isn't it? Best of luck!

Clear Phase 1
Seeker Avala

There's one, Wayfinder! Try to widen it and enter. Architects! Just imagine where it might lead!

Clear Phase 2
Seeker Avala

What a strange and horrible place… It's wonderful! Press on, Wayfinder! I can't wait to see the data you're collecting.

Clear Phase 3
Seeker Avala

Oh, marvelous! It seems the Umbral Recorder completed the reading successfully. The others will be so jealous! Head back to me. I'm eager to dive in.

Clear Quest
Seeker Avala

Oh, what a wonderful day! Not only were you able to retrieve all this lovely data, but you managed to actually survive the Gloom Tear without it ripping you apart!

You know, you're actually the first person I've sent into a Gloom Tear. When you jumped in there, I thought, “Wow! There's no telling what might happen to them!”


You might mention that to the next Wayfinder.

Seeker Avala

Good suggestion! Now, it may take me a while to get through this data. If I'm right, there's a key hidden within to aid our understanding of the Gloom's nature in the Highlands.

I'm sure I'll need you again soon enough, though. Do check back in!

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