A Champion's Blood

A Champion's Blood
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 4955Resonance
3Blue Gloomstone
490Memory Fragment
20Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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Lies Within Lies The Ring of Blood

A Champion's Blood is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Venture into the Bone Orchard and seek out the Beastmaster. Kill him and return with a piece so that we may force the Reaver King from his sanctum.


Graymourn has tasked you to enter the Bone Orchard and kill Kolaar the Beastmaster, the King's chief lieutenant. If I bring back a piece of the Beastmaster, Graymourn can use it to force a confrontation.



Clear Lies Within Lies.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Craft the Beastmaster Gloomtrace
  • Phase 2
    • Defeat the Beastmaster
  • Phase 3
    • Return to Graymourn


Start Quest

UGH! I can still feel the touch of Aturach's tainted steel! He was a fool to strike at me in this place, and yet he wounded me as I've never been wounded before. He will pay for what he has done here!

You will be my weapon. You have no choice—the Reavers threaten us all, and my path is the only one that leads to victory. But do not think I will love you for it. You are my tool, nothing more.

Do you know what you are, little Echo? Memory wrapped in threads of spirit. You are a tapestry of all those you have destroyed. I will weave Marrow's Essence into your shell, like so...


I feel... hunger. Muted rage.


Yes. Now Marrow's heart is a part of you, and your blade will strike true. You must still slay both bear and king at once, but if you do, you will kill the King Who Cannot Die.

Aturach is in the Heart of the Woods. He defiles it with his presence. And yet, I can feel the wards he has raised, strengthened by its ancient power. Even I cannot breach those barriers.

Even corrupted as he is, he cannot ignore the old laws. In his bones, he is still Woodwen, and he is bound to answer a worthy challenge. We must prove that you are worthy.

Reach into Marrow's heart, and you can touch the bear's memories. Feel ancient trees and eons of blood soaking the soil. This is the Bone Orchard, the Gloom-lost haven of the Reavers.

Here you will find them tormenting their prisoners and using them in vile rituals. Strike swiftly; show no mercy to either the Reavers or their captives.


I'm not killing innocent prisoners.


You'd be doing them a kindness. Those that survive will find no peace in living. There's no more time for games. It is time to cut out this foul rot—to end this infection with fire.

Seek Kolaar the Beastmaster. He trained both Aturach and Marrow, and is second only to the King. Bring me a piece of the Beastmaster. Blood, bone... any piece will do.

Go, and be quick about it. I would bring this miserable saga to its end.

Clear Phase 2

Excellent, Echo. Return to me in Deepwood Holt.

Clear Quest

Ahh, Kolaar the Beastmaster. Once he honored the ancients, but I can smell the stench of the Gloom even in his blood. It is good that you ended his life... and now we will use what's left.

Reaver though he may be, Aturach is still King. He is bound by the old laws. As such, he must face a rightful challenger in the Ring of Blood.


What is the Ring of Blood?


It is how the Woodwen choose their king. Only the strongest can wear the Petrified Crown. Should any doubt the King's strength, they can demand proof in the Ring of Blood.


But I'm not Woodwen... or Reaver.


Aren't you? I've woven the essence of the Storm Twins and Marrow into your tapestry, little Echo, and now I'll add a thread of Kolaar. You are everything you've killed. You're Reaver enough.

To call for a challenge in the Ring of Blood you need proof of your strength. In the days of the Woodwen, a beast was a sufficient emblem, but the Reavers will only recognize one of their own.

Kolaar the Beastmaster was a dealer in death. Even Aturach feared him once. The King will have to honor an emblem forged from his Beastmaster's blood and bone.

Sharpen your weapons, little Echo. It will take but a moment to fashion the talisman you need.

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