The Lavish Betrayer

The Lavish Betrayer
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 1804Resonance
205Memory Fragment
5Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

The Lavish Betrayer is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



The next Shrike of Murderer's Row finances the rest of the crew. The High Roller should be somewhere within the Pit. Track down the thief down and put an end to him.


The next Shrike on Old Kite's list is The High Roller, who is financing the crew. Using the Greed Imbuement on your next Expedition into the Pit will bring him out of hiding.


The High Roller has been eliminated. Without his financial backing, the rest of the Betrayers won't be pulling any more jobs anytime soon.



Clear The Noxious Betrayer.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Old Kite during The Pit Expedition.


  1. The Noxious Betrayer
  2. The Lavish Betrayer
  3. The Mad Bomber Betrayer
  4. The Pyro Betrayer
  5. The Gloomtouched Betrayer
  6. The Would-Be Successors



Start Quest
Old Kite

Now that I have you to thank for letting me live... I hope you still want the rest of them out of action.

I should be clear, there's nothing redeemable about these bastards. They need to be in a box if you care about public safety. Even the money man.

Don't believe me? Let's do him next. Name's Maas. We call him High Roller. He finances our jaunts into the Godsblood Mines. Only he's eating his own supply these days.

This being Godsblood, it means he's about ten feet tall and prone to homicidal rages. The greedy skitt is burning the candle at both ends, probably be dead soon, but he'll take people with him.


If I remove him, what happens?

Old Kite

Besides a major blow to the Shrikes' finances, it'd keep a lot of Godsblood off the streets. I don't know how many oversized thugs he's created with that stuff, but it's a lot.

I'd help, but this poison took a lot out of me. You want to do some good, put a blade in Maas, before he causes real trouble.


Where can I find him?

Old Kite

Deeper in the mine. On a good day, he'll be planning with the miners, or maybe counting coins to keep calm. On a bad day, he'll be ripping miners limb from limb for hammering too loud.

Clear Phase 1
The High Roller

Lucky me! It's payday. I'll break your bones and sell your meat!

Clear Quest
Old Kite

Welcome back, Wayfinder. Good news for me?


The High Roller has been taken care of.

Old Kite

Good to hear. The antidote's been doing its work. Starting to think I might actually live. And with Maas down, the Shrikes will have trouble paying their goons.

With their cash flow dwindling, it's only a matter of time before they start betraying each other like they betrayed me.

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