The Ring of Blood

The Ring of Blood
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 4805Resonance
2Blue Gloomstone
475Memory Fragment
20Medium Weapon Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
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A Champion's Blood Dark Rituals

The Ring of Blood is a main quest in Wayfinder.



You must enter the Bone Orchard and find the Ring of Blood. Once there, use the Beastmaster's emblem to challenge the Reaver King.


Graymourn has fashioned the emblem of a champion for you from the Beastmaster's essence. With it, you will need enter the Bone Orchard and find the Ring of Blood. Once there, use the Beastmaster's emblem to challenge the Reaver King.



Clear A Champion's Blood.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Enter the Bone Orchard
  • Phase 2
    • Find the Ring of Blood in the Bone Orchard
  • Phase 3
    • Offer the Beastmaster's Emblem to the Ring of Blood.
  • Phase 4
    • Start the Ring of Blood event
  • Phase 5
    • Defeat the King's Hollow
  • Phase 6
    • Speak to Graymourn


Start Quest

Here you are: the emblem of a champion, proof of your right to challenge even the greatest of the Reavers. The last time I made such a totem was for Aturach himself, before he was king.


This is all I need?


Don't be a fool. The Beastmaster may have been the mightiest of the Reavers, but Aturach is greater still. You will need strength, skill, your finest armaments... I can only hope it will be enough.

Remember: you must defeat both Marrow and the King. If one survives, the other will rise again. Now go. Return to us a victor, or not at all.

Clear Phase 1

The Ring of Blood lies within a pit surrounded by high wooden walls. Search within the woods.

Clear Phase 2

Approach the effigy and place the Beastmaster's emblem into one of its sockets. When finished, light the bonfire and prepare for battle.

Clear Phase 3
Aturach, The Reaver King

The essence of my fallen Reavers bound to your form, the emblem in your hands. You would challenge me? How amusing. This is Graymourn's doing, I'm sure.

The old laws have limits. That totem proves your worth to challenge a foe of equal strength. There may have been a time when Kolaar was my equal. But now? Nothing and no one can match me.


If you're so powerful, then face me!

Aturach, The Reaver King

Not yet. I want you to see what I make of your world before you whimper and die. Soon, your Beacon will be mine. My hollow children will walk the streets of your city. Then, I will grant you death.

But you've proven yourself a powerful warrior, yes. I will answer your challenge with a champion of my own. Meet one of my new children. See the face of the world as it will be.

Clear Phase 5

He just... dimissed Kolaar's emblem? Impossible! And that creature... Return to Deepwood, Echo. Now!

Clear Quest

There is nothing of the man I knew left in that... thing. But it is the creature you fought that truly sickens me. What we have seen here... it must be stopped.


Why are you so shaken?


I am bound to powers far older than your Architects. I serve the ancient forces of soil and soul, the wind and the wild wood. Once, Aturach followed this same path.


But now?


There's nothing of the Woodwen in him, but neither is he a creature of your Gloom. He's something vile and new, a hunger hollowing out the world and leaving a hideous mockery in its place.


So, how do we stop him?


I... I don't know. I can feel Aturach in the Heart of the Woods, deep within the Gloom. He's using its power to seize and corrupt your Beacon. Soon he will reshape all the world in his vile image.


So you know where he is!


I know, and I can do nothing! These powers that he wields—they are anathema to the old ways. I cannot pierce his warding. I cannot open a path. He has beaten me.


There must be a way!


No! I cannot... I... Perhaps. The King is using your Beacon, your Gloom. Perhaps... perhaps the ghost that guides you can find a way forward. I suppose... we must ask her.

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