From the Ashes

From the Ashes
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 490Resonance
73Memory Fragment
Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
Rose & Thorn
File:A Whole Lotta Love.pngA Whole Lotta Love
2000Reward Tower XP

From the Ashes is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



At Watcher Isti's request, you are supposed to search his and Holdan's old home that was burned down during the Battle for Skylight and find a pair of statues to bring to Holdan.


Watcher Isti has one last request for you. He wants you to go to what remains of his and Holdan's home and see if you can find two statues. Afterward, bring them to Holdan. He should know what they mean.


You were able to find the statues which Holdan and Isti used as their marriage effigies. With the Gloom encroaching day by day, the strain to their relationship is not likely to disapper. But with a little luck and a lot of work, anything is possible.



Clear Love After Gloomfall.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Watcher Isti in the Highlands.


  1. Peace Offering
  2. Love After Gloomfall
  3. From the Ashes


  • Phase 1
    • Search the Rubble of Isti's Former Home
  • Phase 2
    • Search the Rubble for the Second Statue
  • Phase 3
    • Give the Statues and Journal to Holdan
  • Phase 4


Start Quest
Watcher Isti

Look, friend, I'm sorry for dragging you into this. I would've understood if you walked away, and yet you haven't, which tells me all I need to know.

I'm not a fool. I know this job, and Holdan's too, are killing us. But I cannot let it go.

I was there that day. The Battle for Skylight. I watched as our greatest defenders fell, and when the Eldren descended upon the hill side, my home burned with it.

I was trapped inside as it began to burn. Teetering in and out of conciousness, I crawled to the window. And I watched as even those who tried to escape were cut down by the Eldren.

People I'd known since I was born. Old and young. Not even the children were spared.

And amongst the smoke and the dark and the screams, do you know who saved me?

It was a wayward Watcher on his way to fight in Skylight. He was no one special. Just a young boy who'd signed up. But he saved my life, and I knew that I could be that for so many more.

Maybe I can't be what Skylight needs me to be and have Holdan too. Maybe I can't give my husband what he deserves any longer. But, Wayfinder, I'd like to try.

If you're willing to help, one last time, that is…


Name it.

Watcher Isti

Outside of Lower Skylight, there are the remains of a village. You know it, yeah? Our former home is there. Smoldering with the rest.

I've been meaning to look through the rubble there for some time now, but I… I just couldn't face it. Please. I need you to find two small statues within the house's remains.

They are… They were very important to us. Once.

If you find them, take them to Holdan. He'll know what that means.

Clear Phase 1

This must be one of the statues Watcher Isti was talking about. It's a little chipped but overall in one piece. Need to find the second one next.

Clear Phase 2

Here it is. This one is a bit more charred, but the foundation is solid enough. Maybe a gentle hand could fix it? Oh, this journal was near it. I'll pick it up as well.

Clear Phase 3

You're back? Don't tell me you're still running errands for Isti. I appreciate your help, but I really just need time to think.


Last time. Isti asked me to give these to you.


I hope it's not more flowers...


Statues from your former home, actually.


Statues? It couldn't be...

Oh, Isti... Did he tell you what these are, by chance?


No. He said that you would know what they mean.


These... are our marriage effigies. They were sculpted after the image of the men we hoped to give one another. A symbol of what we hoped to strive for, and a reminder for whenever we became lost.

After the fire, I thought they were lost forever.

Wayfinder, I've...

I can't leave my post just yet. I've supplies to run if people are to keep being fed.

But tell Isti, if you would, that I shall wait by our hearth tonight.

It's all I can promise him. Let's hope... I hope it'll be enough.

Clear Quest
Watcher Isti

You return. I'm afraid to ask how it all went. Shaking, in fact.


He said, "I shall wait by our hearth tonight."

Watcher Isti


Then, there's a chance. If only that.

Thank you. For everything.

I've no idea what'll happen tonight, but as long as I'm still breathing, I will never stop fighting. Whether that be against the Gloom, or for my love.

I've a feeling you're much the same, yeah?

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