The Broken Home

The Broken Home
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 4803Resonance
475Memory Fragment
13Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
1000Reward Tower XP

The Broken Home is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Head into Shrouded Woods and search for clues of what happened to Warden Rust's fiancee Raina after the Gloomfall.


Warden Rust and his fiancee Raina lived in the Shrouded Woods before the Gloomfall. Enter the Lost Zone and see if there are any clues about what became of Raina after the Gloomfall.


After giving Graymourn a trinket belonging to Raina, she was able to deduce that Raina made it to Skylight. Or, at least, some part of her did. Overcome with emotion and conflicting feelings, Rust asked for some time to decide what to do next.



Clear Dark Rituals.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Warden Rust in Deepwood Holt.


  1. The Broken Home
  2. The Thousand Faces
  3. Reunions and Revelations


  • Phase 1
    • Search for Clues of Raina's Fate in the Shrouded Woods
  • Phase 2
    • Bring the Bracelet to Warden Rust in Deepwood Holt
  • Phase 3
    • Speak to Graymourn
  • Phase 4
    • Gather Bundles of Warbear Bones (3)
    • Gather Arcane Stones (3)
    • Collect Vials of Reavers' Blood (10)
  • Phase 5
    • Return to Graymourn
  • Phase 6
    • Return to Warden Rust


Start Quest
Warden Rust

Wayfinder. I know you've got a lot of weight on your shoulders. But when you go into the Shrouded Woods... I have a favor to ask.


What is it?

Warden Rust

I grew up in Deepwood Holt. Had a home here before the Fall.

It's why I pushed Wolf to get this posting. I needed to see what had happened. But more than that... I had a sweetheart here named Raina. She was my light.

We were planning our wedding, plotting the course of our future together. And then... the Gloomfall.

I was trading at the Crossroads Foundry when it happened. I nearly died a dozen times trying to cut a path through the Gloom, but I'm no Wayfinder. A year now, not knowing if she's alive or dead.


Was she among the refugees taken to Skylight?

Warden Rust

I'm still trying to find out. I was in the field when the evacuation was carried out, and they were gone when I arrived. I'm waiting on reports from Skylight. I've asked Maelon, but he won't talk.

There's a lot of bad blood in this small town. Maelon says I'm a coward, as if I chose to be away when the Gloom fell. I think he knows I was going to challenge him as reeve after the wedding.


What would you have me do?

Warden Rust

Our home was out in what's now the Shrouded Woods. Raina's family help us raise the walls, and we built it together. It was a fine spot... far from town, but good soil, good trees.

When you're out there in the woods... please, look for my home. With the Reavers out there, I'm afraid of what you'll find. But I need to know. I pray that Raina might still be alive, though I know...


I'll do it.

Warden Rust

Thank you. Please, bring me whatever you find... even if it is not what I would hope for.

Clear Phase 1

There's a bracelet half-buried in the soil. I can sense an embedded memory fragment... a woman? I'll better bring it to Warden Rust.

Clear Phase 2
Warden Rust

Well... were you able to find anything?


The house is destroyed, but I found a bracelet.

Warden Rust

Blessed Arcs, this was my first gift to Raina! She wore it constantly. You just found it? There's no signs of damage, no dried blood. You found no sign of her?


No. Reavers had been there, though.

Warden Rust

The Reavers have no interest in looting—they would leave a bracelet behind. But this proves nothing. Raina could have been elsewhere when the Reavers destroyed the house.


The bracelet contains a fragment of memory.

Warden Rust

I'd heard that you Wayfinders can sense echoes and memories. What can you do with this trace? Can you use it to find her?


No. I can sense it... nothing more.

Warden Rust

There is someone here in Deepwood Holt who works with lingering essence. Someone who could surely tell us more. The witch.

I'm sure it's unwise to seek out Graymourn, but I can't leave things like this! I have to know more. Please, Wayfinder... Take the bracelet to the witch. Convince her to help us.

Clear Phase 3

You keep returning to me... how befitting an echo. Why are you bothering me now?


I can sense traces of spirit on this bracelet.


Traces of fear, traces of pain. Delightful, yes; your senses grow sharper, if you can feel this. And she did not die while wearing this bauble, or we would taste it. Why do you bring this to me?


Can you use it to find its owner?


Seeking a lost lamb, are you? Hoping you can save everyone? You can't! Do you know how many the Reavers have slain? This one is surely food for crows and worms, little echo.


So you can't do it, then? I thought not.


Ohhh, you think it's so easy to bait old Grandmother Graymourn? You think a little taunt will play on my pride, set me itching to demonstrate my power?


Not at all. I just don't think you can do it.


Vexing bloodbag! Very well. Go to the Bone Orchard. Gather bundles of warbear bones and stones charged with arcanic power. Then fill these vials with the blood of Reavers... MANY Reavers.

I am indulging in your whims, therefore you will indulge mine. Get me what I ask for and I will give you what you seek. Now go!

Clear Phase 4

I've gathered everything that Graymourn asked for.

Clear Phase 5

How delightful. I wish to see how the lingering essence of the Reavers interacts with the pure essence of the fallen warbears—if one will consume the other.


I've done what you asked.


Indeed you have. And now you wish to find your little lost lamb. I could make a grand show of it, but who has the time? So... A young woman... Avar... I sense traces of her in your Skylight.

You'll find her there, though that doesn't mean she's alive. She might be dancing in the streets, or perhaps your Omen has her heart preserved in a jar. She is there; that's all I can see.


There's nothing more you can tell me?


You will find the one you seek in Skylight. Isn't that enough? Now, leave me be. I must work with this blood before the spark fades.

Clear Quest
Warden Rust

What news? Could Graymourn make anything of it?


Graymourn says that Raina is in Skylight.

Warden Rust

So, she's alive?! Thank the gracious Arcs--


She's there. I didn't say she was alive.

Warden Rust

Oh... I see. The trail leads to Skylight, but it could lead us to her grave. But this is still a geater hope than I've had since the Fall. She could be waiting for me in Skylight right now.

I can't leave my post. And... to be honest, I'm not sure if I want to know the truth. All this time, I've been fighting to get back to her. Now... if she's dead... I don't know what I'd do.

Truly, thank you for what you have some done so far, but... could I have some time to think? I'm... I'm not sure what to do next.

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