Book of Rebirth

Book of Rebirth
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 902Resonance
103Memory Fragment
2Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
3Veridian Spectra
3Unstable Spectra
1000Reward Tower XP

Book of Rebirth is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Recover pages of the Akhailo Pamphlets—both Chaos and Flora pages—for the Curator of the Codex Archives. You can find the pages in the Undercroft when you use Flora or Chaos Imbuements.


The Codex Curator wants to recover research into Flora and Chaos energies. If you use either a Chaos Imbuement, Flora Imbuement, or a combination of the two on your expeditions into the Undercroft, you should be able to find those pages.


You recovered Codex research tied to Chaos and Flora from the Undercroft. This work was tied to the Codex efforts to create Echoes, and Omen hopes it may prove useful.



Clear Book of Growth.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to the Curator during the Undercroft Expedition.


  1. Book of Shadow
  2. Book of Chaos
  3. Book of Growth
  4. Book of Rebirth
  5. Book of Death
  6. Book of Gloom
  7. Restoring the Archives



Start Quest

The situation is worse than I imagined. The invaders are Imperial Archons, and they carry a Writ of Heresy. Our fates our sealed, but I will not let our work die with us.


What can I do?


You must evade the Archons and recover the Akhailo Pamphlets. Venture into the Substrata, following the threads of Chaos and Flora, and recover Akhailo's work.


And if I find Akhailo?


Is that a joke, Initiate? You know as well as I that Brother Akhailo gave his life in pursuit of the First Scribe's vision. But if his work can be perfected, he may yet live again.


Omen, any thoughts?


The Rowan Monograph—the Codex's first experiments with Flora energy—were unsuccessful. But Chaos is the element of transformation and change.

Could they be using Chaotic energies to reshape the toxic vegetation Rowan produced? It would violate Olwan's First Principle, but... I don't mean to bore you, but this research could be invaluable!


How do I find it?


The Curator said to 'follow the threads of Chaos and Flora.' If you use those imbuements in the Undercroft—or both at once?—you should be able to recover this research.


Quickly, Initiate! Remember, this research is more worth more than your life!

Clear Phase 1

You've found Akhailo's research, Initiate. Return to me before the Archons find you!

Clear Quest

Good, good! The First Scribe would be furious if Akhailo's work fell into the hands of the Archons. Let me integrate it into the archives.


This... this isn't what I expected it to be. The element of Flora is tied to all natural life, to animals as well as plants.




This Brother Akhailo wasn't trying to grow a garden in the Gloom. He was creating a spark of life with Flora and then trying to reshape it with Chaos energy... to replicate a creature that had died.


He was creating Echoes?


Not successfully! But they were trying. They succeeded in creating temporary physical vessels, but they couldn't link memories to the bodies, and the bodies themselves would dissolve.

Lord Halar needs to read this. If there's a way to adapt these principles to our Gloom Daggers... Good work, my friend.


Keep moving, Initiate! I need you to keep the Archons away from here while I finish the integration. Do try not to die.

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