Book of Chaos

Book of Chaos
Category Quests
Type Side Story
Repeatable False
Rewards 902Resonance
103Memory Fragment
2Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
5Unstable Spectra
1000Reward Tower XP

Book of Chaos is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Recover pages of the Haurenet Papyrus for the Curator of the Codex Archives. You can find the pages in the Undercroft when you use a Chaos Imbuement.


The Codex Curator is looking for research dealing with Chaos energy. If you use a Chaos Imbuement on your expeditions into the Undercroft, you should be able to find some Chaos pages.


You recovered the Codex Curator's research on the element of Chaos from the Undercroft. Omen believes the knowledge will prove useful, but wants to know more.



Clear Book of Shadow.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to the Curator during the Undercroft Expedition.


  1. Book of Shadow
  2. Book of Chaos
  3. Book of Growth
  4. Book of Rebirth
  5. Book of Death
  6. Book of Gloom
  7. Restoring the Archives



Start Quest

Initiate! We have lost the Codex Halls. We must act swiftly and secure our research in the Undercroft before the invaders breach our defenses!


Um, yes, Curator. How can I be of service?


Brother Haurenet has been working with Chaos in the substrata below the Undercroft. You must enter the Substrata and retrieve his work. Tell Haurenet to get to the Repository of Knowledge.


Excellent. The Umbral Compendium you recovered before is fascinating, but we need more of their elemental studies to understand what the Codex was doing here.

Chaos is the essence of change and transmutation, for better or for worse; it's one of the primary elements of the Gloom. What was the Silver Codex looking for?

And again... it seems that they were conducting research within the Gloom, even before the Gloomfall. If you use a Chaos Imbuement here, you may be able to find traces of their work.

Clear Phase 1

You've recovered all the pages of the Haurenet Papyrus, Initiate. Return them to the archives! Quickly!

Clear Quest

Quickly, now! The enemy hammers at our gates. Let me see. Yes, yes... this is the essence of Haurenet's work. I will secure it in the archives. I will commend you to the First Scribe, Initiate.


What was Haurenet doing, exactly?


You don't have the training to understand the greater mysteries, Initiate. You have not heard the words of the Ones Who Came Before. You have not seen the coming darkness. But you will.


There's no question. The Silver Codex was studying the Gloom decades before the Gloomfall. This Haurenet was testing the interactions between Shadow and Chaos within this Substrata.

The Codex was creating controlled instances of Gloom within Aurelian. Could they... Were they planning to trigger the Gloomfall themselves? We need more.


Your zeal is noted, Initiate. And we have much more research to recover, just as soon as I have this sorted and secured. You may rest and meditate until I need you again.

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