Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star
Category Quests
Type Side Story Quests
Repeatable False
Rewards 4332Resonance
443Memory Fragment
3Large Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP

Wish Upon a Star is a side story quest in Wayfinder.



Seeker Avala wants you to head out into the Highlands and investigate these trails of Gloom energies. She suspects there is a source of some kind out there in the Highlands.


The Gloom-Touched corruption in the Highlands persists. Seeker Avala has detected trails of Gloom energy similar to what you experienced within a Gloom Tear. She needs you to investigate the nearby caves and look for the source of these trails of Gloom energy.


You were able to aid Seeker Avala in solving the mystery as to the Glooms appearance in the Highlands, though it appears she'll need to confer with her grandfather, Lord Halar, regarding the origin of these falling stars.



Clear A Dip in the Dark.

Start quest[edit]

Talk to Seeker Avala in the Highlands.


  1. Shadows Fall
  2. A Dip in the Dark
  3. Wish Upon a Star


  • Phase 1
    • Follow the Gloom Trails to Their Source
  • Phase 2
    • Continue Following the Gloom Trails
  • Phase 3
    • Continue Following the Gloom Trails
  • Phase 4
    • Continue Following the Gloom Trails
  • Phase 5
    • Continue Following the Gloom Trails
  • Phase 6
    • Continue Following the Gloom Trails
  • Phase 7
    • Continue Following the Gloom Trails
  • Phase 8
    • Continue Following the Gloom Trails
  • Phase 9
    • Kill Wurms (3)
  • Phase 10
    • Travel to the Source of the Readings
  • Phase 11
    • Uncover the Mystery of the Concentration of Gloom
  • Phase 12
    • Return to Seeker Avala


Start Quest
Seeker Avala

Oh! You've returned just in time, my most durable of Wayfinders. Yes, that's right, I mean you. If you hadn't braved that Gloom Tear, I wouldn't have made this delightful little breakthrough.

Are you ready for it? I'll wait. Make sure you're sufficiently braced!


I'm sufficiently braced, Avala.

Seeker Avala

In that case... Surprise! I've detected faint traces of that same tenebrous energy you found inside the Gloom Tear, but this time, you guessed it, out here in the Highlands!


Isn't that terrible news?

Seeker Avala

Oh my, yes! It's positively horrifying!


Then why are you so excited?

Seeker Avala

Well, I can't very well study the Gloom if it isn't trying to kill us, can I?


If you say so.

Seeker Avala

Now then, there are some faint readings near here that may be leading to its source. Take the Recorder again and see if you pick up the trail.

Oh, and do be careful. My grandfather gave me that Umbral Recorder, and if it gets lost or destroyed, he's likely to be quite cross with me. Arcs be with you, Wayfinder!

Clear Phase 1
Seeker Avala

Grandfather has always had a talent for divination! Follow that pulse. I'm sure it'll lead us to the source of these trails of Gloom.

Clear Phase 8
Seeker Avala

It led us to the caves, hmm? I'm detecting faint traces of the Gloom on those wurms, but not nearly enough… Kill a few and let's see if we can't refine my readings.

Clear Phase 9
Seeker Avala

Oh, wait... I've got it! And such a precise reading on its location too. Head there now!

Clear Phase 10
Seeker Avala

This is definitely where all the readings converge. In fact, they're off my carefully constructed chart! Investigate thoroughly, there must be something here!

Clear Phase 11
Seeker Avala

Arcs alive, now THAT'S a wurm! A shame, I would have liked to study it more... Oh well. I think it dropped whatever is releasing the energy. Make sure to collect it!

Clear Quest
Seeker Avala

And so, my favorite Wayfinder continues to dominate the competition! Thank you for so delicately transporting this sample. Let's see what we've got…

Of course! It's a piece of one of those fallen stars! The wurm must have eaten it, and in doing so become a living nexus for the Gloom.

But that doesn't answer how these skyfalls are connected to the Gloom. They cannot be naturally occurring... And yet, the Gloom Tears have often appeared within our reality rather than beyond it...


Do you have a hunch?

Seeker Avala

Yes. Unfortunately, I do. Have you heard of the Dark Star?


No, I haven't.

Seeker Avala

My grandfather first noticed it in the night sky some years ago. It was hard to see, because even though it's in the sky like a star it's, well, dark.

The other arcane lords of the Dominion ignored it, but grandfather noticed that it was growing larger. Of course, since the Gloomfall, he's had other concerns.

I didn't think it was related to the Gloom. I mean, it's in the sky! But now...

What if this darkling debris infecting our land with Gloom originated from the Dark Star? If it truly is drawing closer to Evenor, it would explain the escalating number of impacts.

I must confer with my grandfather. As usual, he'll be positively insufferable crowing on about how I needed to come to him for help. But... this is too important.


Who is your grandfather?

Seeker Avala

Lord Halar. It was he who first sparked my interest in research. He always says it's too dangerous for me to do field work. Treats me like a porcelain doll. Ha! Just look at what we've found!


Keep me in the loop.

Seeker Avala

Of course! I could never leave my favorite Wayfinder in the dark!

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