Controlling the Chaos

Controlling the Chaos
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 295Resonance
Grey Gloomstone
5Silver Spectra
Verdant Spectra
115Memory Fragment
2000Reward Tower XP
Broodmother S'ilreth Gloomtrace Fragment
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Tangled Webs What Lurks in the Shadows

Controlling the Chaos is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Halar wants to accelerate your training in preparation for an upcoming hunt. He has advised you to speak to the Seekers here in Skylight.


Lord Halar has accelerated your training in preparation for an upcoming hunt with a great foe. While he attempts to isolate a spoor within the webs you found in the Codex Halls, you should speak to the Seekers in Skylight.



Clear Tangled Webs.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Find Arsenal in Market Row
  • Phase 2
    • Talk to Venge about the supplies they offer
  • Phase 3
    • Talk to the Engineer about Accessories
  • Phase 4
    • Talk to Omen
  • Phase 5
    • Return to Lord Halar In Skylight


Start Quest
Lord Halar

The Gloom is a maelstrom of shadows and chaos. Anchors pull together visions of what might have been, fragments of the whole, and when you leap in blindly an anchor pulls you in.

But you can do more than this! With your dagger, you can cut through the chaos and carve a direct path. You can hunt down an enemy, strike a specific foe.

These webs hold traces of a greater threat. I can isolate its spoor. I can give you what you need to hunt. But you are not fully prepared. You must meet the other Seekers.

Each has something you need, tools you can use. Arsenal can arm you. The Engineer can give you strength. Venge finds treasures in the rubble. And Omen is the wisest of all. Go, speak to them!

Clear Phase 1

I see a Wayfinder, newborn from the void. You are Skylight's fist, child, and I am the Weapon Master. I am Arsenal, and I can place steel in your hands.


I already have a weapon.


You need a weapon worthy of a legend! Eclipse. The Titan's Bane. I know many weapons you might wield, but all have been swallowed by the Gloom. Lost... but not forever.

We drew you forth from the Gloom when you were lost. You can do the same, now. You can call an echo of a legendary weapon from the void, and you can make it real.




It is no simple thing, to find a weapon in the Gloom and master it. But I know them all. I can tell you what you need to gather. And together, we will see you armed with a weapon worthy of you.

Clear Phase 2

Aha! A new Wayfinder! Delightful, delightful. I'm Venge, and you need what I have, for I have what you need! Whatever that may be. A potion? A poem? What is it now?


Lord Halar said I should introduce myself.


Good. Good! It's hard to get supplies in what's left of the world, but my friends and I comb the broken pieces and find those things you need. I'll be here when you know what that is!

Clear Phase 3
The Engineer

You are newly returned, yes? You may find my appearance unsettling. But trust me; no one knows more about the interaction of magic and metal than I.

There is power within you. Accessories will help you focus that power. Their gifts may seem slight, but even the slightest breeze can turn the tide.

The greatest accessories cannot simply be crafted. But you, Wayfinder—you can reach within the Gloom and pull forth the echo of such a relic. You can dream of a lost legend and make it real.

All power has a price. There are things you must find before I can help you. But in the days ahead, you and I will make wondrous things.

Clear Phase 4

As you know, you weren't the only hero lost to the Gloom. We both lost friends on the day of the Fall. But they may not be lost forever.

It's not easy to pull a Wayfinder from the Gloom. We need to find the echoes of the hero and use the Beacon to create a path they can follow. But together, we can bring them back.

There are things I need you to find—elements of power, traces of our fallen champions. We need to remember who they were so we can find them in the darkness.

We need more Wayfinders if we are to survive. Continue your work with Lord Halar, my friend—but be ever watchful for the traces that we need.

Clear Quest
Lord Halar

My work has been successful! I've drawn the essence from the webs and found the traces of their maker—the Broodmother who spawned these foul things.

But before you may reach her, you must craft a Gloomtrace and use it on the Gloom Gate. I'll provide the materials you need this once, but in the future you will need to find them yourself.

Once made, the Gloomtrace will guide you directly to your prey. I hope you took advantage of what our Seekers have to offer. I fear you will need all the help you can get!

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