The Lost Colony

The Lost Colony
Category Quests
Type Main Story
Rewards 3875Resonance
17Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
Sky Havoc Backpack
2000Reward Tower XP
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Lighting the Flame The Shrouded Woods

The Lost Colony is a main quest in Wayfinder.



Speak to Rust, the Warden appointed to Deepwood Holt. He can give you more information on the situation here and help you to explore the Frostmarch.


Like Warden Hass in the Highlands, Warden Rust has information about the Frostmarch and the problems facing Deepwood Holt. Speaking to him will give you direction on what to do next.


You entered the Shrouded Woods and encountered a bear that was seemingly immortal. The witch Graymourn says that it's Marrow, the familiar of the immortal ruler of these lands. Now you have gained his attention, and Graymourn warns he will be coming.



Clear Lighting the Flame.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.




Clear Phase 1
Warden Rust

Welcome to Deepwood Holt, Wayfinder—or what's left of it. This was an Avar logging camp. It was also my home. I was in Skylight during the Fall, and the Gloom trapped me there this past year.

Seeing Deepwood like this breaks my heart. So many of my friends are dead, and the survivors are in shock. Something's been hunting them. They talk about 'Reavers' and 'knives in the shadows.'

We've evacuated the survivors to Skylight, but so many are still missing. Lost in the woods, taken by these Reavers. You need to recover supplies, and to save anyone you can. Please—

Maelon Sol

Pardon the interruption Rust, but I do think something of an introduction is in order. I am Maelon Sol, Reeve of Deepwood Holt, and you… you are the hero who brought the Beacon's light, no?

I wanted to thank you in person, and express that whatever you or the Seekers need, I am here to help. I am a friend of your order.


It's nice to meet you.

Maelon Sol

Likewise. Now, I am sure you have much to do. I shan't distract you any longer. Farewell.

Warden Rust

I remember Maelon. To be honest, I never liked him much, but I guess a year of strife could change anyone. In any case, we have more important things to discuss than the Reeve.

There are a few survivors who've chosen to stay and help, and a few who refuse to leave. If you run into the old woman, leave her alone. Just... trust me on that.

We're rebuilding and fortifying the Holt. Most of the survivors urged us to abandon the Frostmarch, but I'm sure you can handle what's out there. Arcs guide you, Wayfinder.


The woods around you are caught between the Gloom and reality; there's no telling what dangers lie ahead. The energies of this place are deeply disturbing. I fear...


What are you afraid of?


I'm afraid that we've opened a door we cannot close. I need you to go deeper. I need to see what power is waiting in these woods.


I'll do what needs to be done.

Clear Phase 2

This place is soaked with the essence of the Gloom.

Clear Phase 3

This beast is charged with arcanic energy! This is more than just the power of the Gloom.

Clear Phase 4

This creature is healing with astonishing speed—drawing lifeforce from some distant source.

Clear Phase 5

You cannot kill Marrow, foolish little Echo, but I can restrain him for a moment. Quickly now, come to Graymourn! It's time that we talk.

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