Category Weapons
Type Marksman Ranged
Subtype Runecannon

Arcstorm is a Runecannon weapon in Wayfinder.

At the height of the Twilight Heresy, the Archon Astalis ordered the Spellforge to create an arcanic plasma projector of unparalleled power. Arcstorm cost more than entire legion, but it served Astalis well in his final battle against the Shadowbringers.

Normal shots on this weapon have a motion value of approximately 2.625.


Fires a piercing beam in a line dealing high damage and ignoring defenses. Consumes 1 Locked and Loaded charge.


Max stats[edit]

Max stats are derived from level 30, 3 tempers, awakening 3, and 0% affinity.

Max Health 929 Ability Power 1393 Break Power 693
Resilience 555 Crit Rating 1393 Phys Defense
Weapon Power 693 Crit Power Mag Defense


Base stats

Stats Value Affinity
Max Health 21.3 Focus
Resilience 10.6 Focus
Weapon Power 10.6 Discipline
Ability Power 21.3 Discipline
Crit Rating 21.3 Instinct
Crit Power
Break Power 10.6 Instinct
Phys Defense
Mag Defense
Total 95.7

Stats scaling

Scaling type Value
Level 13.02
Temper 13.34
Awakening 14.4
Total (Level 30) 460.8

Echo slots

Level Slot type

1 Guard
5 Rush
15 Balance
25 Attack


Crafted with the following ingredients:

Rare resources
Arcstorm Essence 1 One of four parts required to summon Arcstorm from the Gloom. May be found by defeating the First.
Trickster's Coin 3 Unique crafting resource, found in some Trickster Chests. Used to craft weapons, relics and consumables.
Treasure Phoenix Down 6 Unique crafting resource found by completing the Treasure Phoenix event. Used to craft weapons, relics and consumables.
Radiant Octachron 6 Unique crafting resource found by defeating the First. Used to craft weapons, relics and consumables.
Devourer's Talon 3 Unique crafting resource found by defeating Ryv'n. Used to craft weapons, relics and consumables.
Common resources
Silver Spectra 435 Used in Weapon, Relic, and Consumable Crafting. Found in the Codex Halls
Glimmering Unstable Spectra 51 Used in Tier 2 crafting recipes. Found in Lost Zones when any Chaos mutator is active.
Gold 22200 Currency of the realm. Acquired from enemies, chests and events.
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