Marksman Ranged

Marksman Ranged are ranged weapons that fire projectiles at a distance, needing to be reloaded after emptying the magazine. During the reload, pressing the reload button at the right time for a Hotspot Reload will boost damage for a time.

Each Marksman subclass now has a unique Perfect Reload Buff:

  • Rifles - +35% Rate of Fire for 4 seconds.
  • Shotguns - +50% Break Power for 4 seconds.
  • Burst Rifles - +50% Crit Power for 5 seconds.
  • Runecannons - +50% Weapon Power for 5 seconds.

The duration of each Perfect reload buff now scales according to the number of shots fired from the previous clip.

Example: If only half of a clip is expended before reloading, the Perfect Reload buff's duration will have a 50% reduced duration

Marksman Ranged weapons have a unique Eagle Eye Mechanism: targets spawn once the Eagle Eye meter has reached 100%, All subclasses should now reach 100% Eagle Eye meter after ~15s of continuous fire. Buffs that scale fire rate (including the Rifle Perfect Reload buff) will also increase Eagle Eye buildup rate dealing bonus damage and rewarding 1 Lock and Loaded charge, up to 3 charges. Lock and Loaded charges can be spent on weapon abilities, with the effect varying depending on the weapon.


Weapon Ability

Dead Eye

3 Deadeye Weakspots appear on every enemy in range. Hitting these weak spots result in high damage and guaranteed crits.


Fires multiple projectiles in a blast, while evading backwards. Consumes 1 Locked and Loaded charge.

Burst Rifle[edit]

Weapon Ability

Wyvern's Fury

Reloads the rifle with an empowered clip. During this clip, the weapon is fully automatic and every bullet is infused to apply a stack of Poison on hit. Poison deals a small amount of damage over six seconds, stacking up to 20 times.

Abyssal Anchor

Consume 1 Locked and Loaded charge to fire off a powerful soul spear that pierces through enemies and attaches a faint shadow tether to all enemies hit. Subsequent shots will damage all tethered enemies. Striking a single target with additional Abyssal Anchor's will deal bonus damage.


Weapon Ability


Fires a mortar blast into the sky which rains down fireballs in an area around the player over time.

Bullet Storm

Consumes all Locked and Loaded charges and fires 2 rapid blasts per charge.


Weapon Ability


Fires a piercing beam in a line dealing high damage and ignoring defenses. Consumed 1 Locked and Loaded charge.


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