Celestial Architects

“Your zeal is noted, Initiate. And we have much more research to recover...”
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The Celestial Architects[1], or Arcs, are the creators of Evenor. Described as gods[2], the Arcs forged the world from the elements, hence the name "Architects". The Archons and Aurelian monks of the Avar Imperium pledge their faith to the Architects.


After the creation of Evenor, the Arcs populated the land with their first children, the Precursors. However, the Precursors envied their creators' power, and fought to claim the Arcs' power and the world. Ultimately, the Architects were victorious, leaving almost no trace of the Precursors, save for some of their artifacts. The Architects then created Beacons across Evenor, then left the world to its remaining inhabitants.

The fate of the Architects remains unknown, as despite Evenor falling to the Gloom, they remain nowhere to be seen. Some speculate that the surviving Precursors have arisen once more and have slain the Architects.[3]

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