Argent Hand

Argent Hand
Epic Accessory
Affinity Statistics
Ability Power Mag Defense Crit Rating
Set Bonus
Argent Disciple
  • 2 pieces: +5% Total Crit Rating, Ability Power, Mag Defense
  • 3 pieces: +10% Total Crit Rating, Ability Power, Mag Defense
A severed, desiccated hand which remained after the Remnants known as The Argent Hand were culled from the Aurelian monastery’s halls. Ki wells from this relic, infusing its bearer with unparalleled striking power.
— In-Game Description

Argent Hand is an accessory that boosts Ability Power, Mag Defense, and Crit Rating. It is a part of the Argent Disciple set.

Acquisition and Crafting[edit]

Crafting Requirements
Material Amount
Silver Spectra 36
Glimmering Molten Spectra 10
Verdant Spectra 8
Gem of Avarice 2
Prismatic Arcanite 1
Gold 6500

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