Creed's Radiance

Creed's Radiance
Epic Accessory
Affinity Statistics
Ability Power Crit Power Weapon Power
Set Bonus
Fallen Archon
  • 2 pieces: +5% Total Crit Power, Weapon Power, Ability Power
  • 3 pieces: +10% Total Crit Power, Weapon Power, Ability Power
Undefeated in combat, Commander Creed was renowned for his mastery over Radiant energies. While tarnished and worm, this vambrace still gleams with that power, instilling the strength of the Archons within its wearer.
— In-Game Description

Creed's Radiance is an accessory that boosts Ability Power, Crit Power, and Weapon Power. It is a part of the Fallen Archon set.

Acquisition and Crafting[edit]

Crafting Requirements
Material Amount
Silver Spectra 30
Molten Spectra 18
Verdant Spectra 8
Treasure Phoenix Down 2
Archon's Prisma 1
Gold 5300
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