Tangled Comb

Tangled Comb
Rare Accessory
Affinity Statistics
Max Health Mag Defense Ability Power
Set Bonus
Fingers of the Land
  • 2 pieces: +5% Total Max Health, Resilience
  • 3 pieces: +10% Total Max Health, Resilience
The tines of this wooden comb are twisted in intriguing patterns. Made by one of the great Woodwalkers of the Frostmarch, it reflects the doop and twisting roots of the wind and channels the element of Flora.
— In-Game Description

Tangled Comb is an accessory that boosts Max Health, Mag Defense, and Ability Power. It is a part of the Fingers of the Land set.

Acquisition and Crafting[edit]

Crafting Requirements
Material Amount
Glimmering Veridian Spectra 12
Deepwood Spectra 14
Witchcharmed Effigy 1
Gem of Avarice 1
Gold 6125
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