Gloom-Touched Bracer

Gloom-Touched Bracer
Epic Accessory
Affinity Statistics
Crit Power Phys Defense Weapon Power
Set Bonus
Endless Hunger
  • 2 pieces: +5% Total Crit Power, Physical Defense, Weapon Power
  • 3 pieces: +10% Total Crit Power, Physical Defense, Weapon Power
A porous bracer made of hardened, Gloom-corrupted wurm shell. Though Avala's findings are still incomplete, the Seeker's researchers have agreed on one point. Wherever the darkling debris that corrupted this creature came from, we should be very afraid.
— In-Game Description

Gloom-Touched Bracer is an accessory that boosts Crit Power, Physical Defense, and Weapon Power. It is a part of the Endless Hunger set.

Acquisition and Crafting[edit]

Crafting Requirements
Material Amount
Cragged Spectra 36
Verdant Spectra 16
Silver Spectra 16
Glimmering Shadow-Warped Spectra 8
Night's Maw Viscera 1
Gold 6200
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