Square Wooden Stool

Square Wooden Stool
Square Wooden Stool
Category Housing
Type Decor
Subtype Furnishings
Placement Floor
Size 2%

Square Wooden Stool is a housing item that can be placed as a furniture or decoration.



  • Starter housing item, obtained once you've unlocked housing
  • Crafted with the following ingredients:

Rare resources
Square Wooden Stool Recipe 1 Unlocks the ability to craft a Square Wooden Stool at Ruby the Foreman.
Common resources
Shadow-Warped Spectra 2 Used in Tier 1 crafting recipes. Found in Lost Zones when any Shadow mutator is active.
Silver Spectra 4 Used in Weapon, Relic, and Consumable Crafting. Found in the Codex Halls
Gold 350 Currency of the realm. Acquired from enemies, chests and events.
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