Greed Imbuement

Greed Imbuement
Greed Imbuement
Category Resources
Type Crafting
Imbued with Greed Energy
— In-Game Description

Greed Imbuements are one of the Imbuements used to mutate Lost Zones. Greed-imbued zones typically have gold piles scattered throughout, which can be picked up at the cost of gaining a Greedy debuff that increases all damage taken, as well as occasionally spawning a Gold Mite. Spectra outcrops will also reward a small amount of gold.

Unique rewards from Lost Zones with an active Greed Imbuement include:

Mutator Combinations[edit]

Imbuements Mutation Effect

Piles of gold may be found within, but beware! The more gold you grab, the more damage you take from your foes.
Dark treasures can be found within. Only the power of the Gloom can release them.
Gold Blooms
Flora have taken root in long-forgotten piles of gold. Brave the poison to claim the gold, but manage your greed to survive!
Phoenix Eggs
The power of the Phoenix imbues your foes. Destroy the eggs they drop on death, or the Heatwave will resurrect them.
Golden Bombs
The tricker’s Golden bombs afflict enemies with Midas. Avoid the explosions or get afflicted with Greed.
Enemies are encased in a shell gold. Shatter them and collect it! But beware the penalties of greed.

Greed (Greed)[edit]

Piles of gold are scattered throughout the area, and can be picked up for a small amount of Gold. However, each pile adds one stack of Greedy, increasing all damage taken. A Gold Mite may spawn after each pick-up. Breaking Spectra outcrops rewards some Gold.

Golden Cache (Greed/Shadow)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched. Throughout the area are indestructible gold mounds reinforced with Gloom crystals. These crystals can only be destroyed by the death explosion of Gloomtouched enemies, which will release the gold within.

Gold Blooms (Greed/Flora)[edit]

Enemies are venomous, inflicting Toxic Poison. The piles of gold throughout the zone each surround a poisonous plant that creates toxic slime. Picking up the gold pile will remove the plant and slime, but will add one stack of Greedy and will occasionally spawn a Gold Mite.

Phoenix Eggs (Greed/Solar)[edit]

Enemies are imbued with burning properties, inflicting Solar Ignition. On death, enemies leave behind a golden egg that can be destroyed, which applies one stack of Greedy to the destroyer. When the Heatwave occurs, the eggs will ignite and revive the enemy and imbues them with the Midas effect. The revival can only happen once per enemy, and reborn enemies do not drop additional loot.

Golden Bombs (Greed/Chaos)[edit]

At random intervals, a Trickster Chest will spawn near players, which will detonate after a delay. For players, the explosion will deal damage and apply one stack of Greedy. For enemies, a Midas effect will be applied.

Midas (Greed/Greed)[edit]

Enemies are affected by a Midas effect, giving them a Resilience bar. This includes enemies that normally do not have Resilience. Breaking their guard will apply one stack of Greedy to players.

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