Flora Imbuement

Flora Imbuement
Flora Imbuement
Category Resources
Type Crafting
Imbued with Flora Energy
— In-Game Description

Flora Imbuements are one of the Imbuements used to mutate Lost Zones. Flora-imbued zones typically involve toxic hazards on the ground, making maneuverability more difficult. Enemies may become venomous, inflicting a 9-second Toxic Poison debuff on attacks.

Unique rewards from Lost Zones with an active Flora Imbuement include:

Mutator Combinations[edit]

Imbuements Mutation Effect

Home to toxic mushrooms and venomous foes. Toxic pools damage you and heal your foes, but can be removed by breaking the fungus.
Enemies are infected. Upon death a spore is generated that will seek players, and create a toxic mushroom.
Enemies are overflowing with Flora Energy. Toxic pools now heal them. Upon death they will leave a Toxic Pool that grows as it damages players.
Toxic vents periodically erupt from the ground, damaging nearby players.
Chaos Spores
Monsters are host to chaotic spores that grow wildly without a host. Contact with these spores causes temporary confusion.
Gold Blooms
Flora have taken root in long-forgotten piles of gold. Brave the poison to claim the gold, but manage your greed to survive!

Toxic (Flora)[edit]

Enemies are venomous, inflicting a 9-second Toxic Poison debuff. Toxic mushrooms grow throughout the area, surrounded by a patch of toxic slime. Touching the slime causes continuous poison damage while in contact. The mushrooms can be destroyed by damaging them, removing the slime and occasionally rewarding Veridian Spectra.

Corpsebloom (Flora/Shadow)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched, and are infected with Flora energy. On death, they spawn a toxic orb that slowly floats in the direction of players, dealing damage on contact. If the orb contacts with terrain, a toxic mushroom will grow in its place.

Overgrowth (Flora/Flora)[edit]

As with the single imbuement, toxic mushrooms grow throughout the area. Along with damaging players, the toxic slime will also slowly heal enemies standing within it. On death, enemies will leave behind a small, permanent toxic pool which has the same damage/healing properties as the mushroom slime. However, the toxic pools will gradually increase in size as long as a player is within it. The size limit of the pools is very large, but not limitless.

Eruption (Flora/Solar)[edit]

Enemies are imbued with burning properties, inflicting Solar Ignition. At random intervals, pillars of toxic gas will erupt from the ground, dealing poison damage and applying Toxic Poison. The Heatwave effect will occur throughout, empowering enemies.

Chaos Spores (Flora/Chaos)[edit]

On death, enemies will drop large pink spores that grow into large mushrooms. After a delay, the mushrooms explode, damaging nearby players and inflicting Toxic Poison and Chaotic Spores, which prevents movement for 6 seconds. Jumping, rolling, dash attacks, and movement abilities are unaffected.

Gold Blooms (Flora/Greed)[edit]

Enemies are venomous, inflicting Toxic Poison. The piles of gold throughout the zone each surround a poisonous plant that creates toxic slime. Picking up the gold pile will remove the plant and slime, but will add one stack of Greedy and will occasionally spawn a Gold Mite.

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