Shadow Imbuement

Shadow Imbuement
Shadow Imbuement
Category Resources
Type Crafting
Imbued with Shadow Energy
— In-Game Description

Shadow Imbuements are one of the Imbuements used to mutate Lost Zones. Shadow-imbued zones will cause enemies to become Gloomtouched, growing in size and dealing more damage, while also leaving behind hazards on death.

Unique rewards from Lost Zones with an active Shadow Imbuement include:

Mutator Combinations[edit]

Imbuements Mutation Effect

All enemies have been empowered by the Gloom. At half health, they will Enrage and grow larger, dealing more damage. When enemies die, they will explode in a deadly burst.
Gloom has infested this area. Activate and stand near the corrupted shrines to cleanse them, but beware: enemies will try to stop you.
Enemies are infected. Upon death a spore is generated that will seek players, and create a toxic mushroom.
Black Flame
Gloomtouched enemies now burst into flames when they Enrage and explode, and will leave you burning after every hit.
All enemies are Gloomtouched, and will call forth gloom reinforcements when killed.
Dark treasures can be found within. Only the power of the Gloom can release them.
Gloom Collapse
The world has collapsed under the Gloom. You must carry a torch and find your way through the deadly Gloom.

Gloomtouched (Shadow)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched, causing them to double in size at half health, increasing their damage. Shortly after their death, a small explosion will occur.

Gloomshroud (Shadow/Shadow)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched, and newly-spawned enemies may be accompanied by a Tiding. Throughout the zone are spheres of Gloom, severely limiting visibility and occasionally spawning Wretches. These areas can be dispersed by destroying the Gloom vegetation within. Larger spheres of Gloom will also appear, surrounding an unlit shrine. Interacting with the shrine will cause the sphere to shrink as long as a player remains within the sphere. During this time, Gloom enemies will spawn in three waves: Wretches, Heralds, then an Emissary. Completely cleansing the sphere and relighting the shrine will reward a sum of Gold.

Corpsebloom (Shadow/Flora)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched, and are infected with Flora energy. On death, they spawn a toxic orb that slowly floats in the direction of players, dealing damage on contact. If the orb contacts with terrain, a toxic mushroom will grow in its place.

Black Flame (Shadow/Solar)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched, and have a chance to inflict Solar Ignition. On death, enemies will explode into flame, damaging both players and enemies. The explosion will leave behind a permanent patch of fire, dealing light damage while in contact.

Shadowspawn (Shadow/Chaos)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched. On death, after the Gloom explosion, an explosive Trickster Chest or a Gloom enemy will spawn. The type of Gloom enemy is determined by the strength of the defeated enemy. Weaker enemies will spawn Tidings or Wretches, while stronger enemies will spawn Heralds.

Golden Cache (Shadow/Greed)[edit]

Enemies are Gloomtouched. Throughout the area are indestructible gold mounds reinforced with Gloom crystals. These crystals can only be destroyed by the death explosion of Gloomtouched enemies, which will release the gold within.

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