Accessibility is a focus of Airship syndicate and allowing players to personalize their play experience. They’ve done their best to offer gameplay and accessibility options for all of their games, with a lot of custom technology built right into the engine. Accessibility consultants are being worked with for the in-game systems.[1] Accessibility is still being hammered out with early plans for several options, you can expect things like but not limited to:[2]

  • Rebind-able controls (Confirmed to be in the game)[3]
  • readability options for text and dialogue
  • camera FOV
  • HUD options to fine tune the density of information and immersion

Over time, options are being looked into to let players adjust their gameplay color palettes, display custom awareness indicators and targeting feedback, reposition and scale HUD elements, and more.… The Accessibility options will gradually be looked upon according to need and user feedback, as will the feel of the controls.[4]

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