Discord Questions Answered

The following is a list of on-going questions that have been answered by various Airship Syndicate staff, primarily by the Community Managers Alex and A.J. aka Sir_Snarf and SOLIDAge, in the official Wayfinder Discord. This list does include a few choice questions from the official Wayfinder Discord AMA taking place around July 26, 2022. No questions have been taken from the Reddit AMA. Questions and answers have been formatted for readability and grammar, so be forewarned that the questions and answers are not as they were originally typed, though all questions and answers have their sources cited so that you may see the original context. Additionally, some answers have questions that were entirely made up to fit what the answer would actually be answering were they to have been in response to said question, as the Community Managers have been known to give good-to-know information entirely unprompted (though we love them for it all the same).

General Gameplay[edit]

Q: There is just one question I want to ask, the drops from enemies: is it gear/ weapons that can be better than in slot? Or do they drop crafting ingredients to craft gear with more powerful slots, OR is gear all similar power but leveled up to be more powerful? Thanks... also can't wait to play this!
A: The only gear that drops right now are accessories and relics. What does drop are ingredients to make the weapons, and improvements. Weapons do not drop, but materials and accessories do. We'll go into itemization in the future. - [AS] SOLIDAge [1]

Q: What is this?

A: Phoenix event. Drops feathers for crafting. Mystery solved! - [AS] SOLIDAge[2]

Q: Sorry for the direct message but will there be a codex system to see how many weapons or things you've collected?
A: Yes, it’s called Discoveries. - [AS] SOLIDAge[3]

Q: Will each character follow a specific role that should be played (tank, support, healer, etc) or rather closer to Warframe (survivability, dps, buffs)
A: We want much of the content to be solo-able, (though it will definitely be more preferable in a group!) so we want to make sure that each character can hold their own. While each character will be meant to fill a role, and will bring something special to a group makeup, we want them all to be fun at beating up the bad guys with their own flavor of doing so. We want to make sure it doesn’t feel like 3 solo people that just happen to be playing together, so we are trying to infuse as much team synergy and reasons you WANT to bring a friend along. You could play your glass cannon solo, but its definitely a lot easier if you have a friend tanking or a healer with you. We also have a bunch of ways you can customize the character to alter how they play and lean into some other roles based on ability upgrades, talents, and equipment choices. - [AS] MadTzyn[4]


Q: The Stars [To the left on the minimap] shows the quality of the chest, right?

A: In its current state, more like a tracker to say how well you've completed the run. You die a bunch, you lose stars, you lose loot. Q: Will this be toxic in random groups? maybe they will feel there is 0 reason to play anymore if they can't guarantee max loot.
A: I can see all of that, but on the same token, it does encourage cooperation rather than someone just speed running through a LZ and abandoning party members. Hasn't really been a pain point thus far, but we'll keep an eye on it. [5] But all of this is a bit of a non-issue as the main loot comes from the actual mobs and bosses rather than the end of expedition bonus loot. [6]Yeah all the main things you are looking to have drop are separate than this mechanic and revolve about the actual drop tables.[7] For the most part we are more interested in drops being intentional and rewarding for hunting for a specific piece rather than praying to RNJesus on a random chest mechanic[8]
Q:lets say you want 20% chance loot you want, even if you die a lot and get worst chest you still have 20% chance but if you don't die and you get the best chest, then the chance increases?
A: They're totally separate mechanics, so the items you'd be looking to have drop wouldn't be influenced by who's died or not[9]

Q: Ok, can you confirm what power rating starts to drop unique stuff like when you see stuff that's legendary or epic?
A: The majority of drops you will be hunting for are crafting components rather than straight legendary weapons etc. But special echos and monster specific drops can drop at any time. [10]

Q: What kind of character progression will there be in the game? Do we have stats that we allocate, or different kind of skills we can invest skill points in?
A: Remember we’re in active development so all this can change… BUT there are lots of avenues of progression! Each character comes with unique abilities and passives that make them stand out from other characters. Leveling a character increases their base stats, allows you to upgrade abilities and passives, and invest in a system that allows you to customize stats based on equipment you choose to wear. Weapons are kind of like characters, in that they also level up and gain power through leveling. They each come with a unique ability, not found on any other weapon (think an active ability on a Destiny Exotic). Each creature in the game drops a unique “mod”, which is a slottable item that can augment you and your weapon further. We’re really excited about this and can’t wait to go into our deep progression system in the future - [AS] MadTzyn [11]

Q: Snarf can you confirm loadouts?
A: Ah yeah, I think I asked Steve about this a few weeks back. Still to be determined. - [AS] Sir_Snarf [12]

Q: They said gameplay combat will be in the vein of Darksiders/Devil May Cry.
A: This is correct, and the weapon you choose for your character changes that play style and speed even more. - [AS] SOLIDAge [13]

Q: Will there be NPC factions similar to Warframe's Syndicates?
A: Yes. I'll clarify slightly, right now there are multiple factions in the game. The world has tons of races and tribes and people. You'll learn about them inside and outside the game. There currently isn't like a "rep" system in place like some other games. though. Right now they're strictly for storytelling. - [AS] SOLIDAge [14]

Q: Are the factions like Reavers, Bandits, Goblins etc? Or are those just enemy groups?
A: They are factions. - [AS] SOLIDAge [15]

Q: Since you guys have done testing, how many hours does it take to access the endgame on average?
A: The goal is to continually enrich older areas and expand into new areas too, so there will always be a reason to collect new weapons, pad out your roster and gear up for a new boss or challenge. - [AS] SOLIDAge [16]

Q: Will the game include in-game holidays and associated quests/events?
A: Yes. There is currently some conversation philosophically about whether you should celebrate holidays in-game that coincide with real life holidays, or you create your own to make it feel more in-world… But we will have something. - [AS] SOLIDAge [17]

Q: Hi Sir_Snarf, what do you mean by gameplay loops? I’m not familiar with that term.
A: So at the moment one of the main Expeditions is using the gloom gate with whatever imbuements you want for specific results. You go in with a party or solo, kill the mobs, complete the events, fight a boss/mini boss fight, collect the rewards, rinse and repeat. In the future there will be many variations to loops like this. We will continue to expand the overworlds, create larger group content, social content, and likely things we haven't even dreamt up yet alongside the community's wants. - [AS] Sir_Snarf [18]

Q: What is this Power Rating you speak of...?
A: And someone wanted stats? Ok, my Niss is Power Rating 721. STATS! - [AS] SOLIDAge [19]

Q: What is this?

A: OK this finally loaded after i restarted Discord. No, that is your Lost Zone rating, it goes up based on what you’ve completed / accomplished / discovered and down based on deaths. Higher the star = better rewards. - [AS] SOLIDAge[20]

Q: Can you confirm or deny if there's a stat called crit resist?
A: There is not. - [AS] SOLIDAge[21]

Q: Five players seems like a good balance in games using the trinity of tank/healer/DPS.
A: We prototyped out multiple group sizes but currently have 3. This is due to a few different factors. The first is we wanted the readability to be easier since our game’s camera is more akin to a 3rd person action game than say a traditional MMO. When you have more than that, the abilities and attacks become very hard to read. We also like the fact that 3 allows players to have a very clear role when on their adventure with friends. We are also looking at expanding this for certain end-game content. Again, we are in active development and this could change in the future. - [AS] SOLIDAge [22]

Q: What aspect of the game are you most excited about?
A: I think 2 things. One is that we’re a character game with personalities. People love character games and we really can capitalize on their stories and their relationships with one another to make them shine… and then the second feeds into that too and that’s how it feels. At its heart it’s a console action game and no one has really done that in an online setting with thousands of people. - [AS] SOLIDAge [23]

Q: Will you ever have a max on alts or.. how will that work?
A: You can swap characters whenever you want. There are no true “alts”Right now the only restrictions we have on changing characters is that you cannot do it while in a Lost Zone (dungeon). The open world Highlands area? Yes, you can switch there. - [AS] SOLIDAge [24]

Context: We have what are called imbuements. By combining imbuements you’ll make a mutator. We don’t actually tell you what combinations do, that’ll be up to the players to discover for themselves. Think of it like cooking in Breath of the Wild. You’ll fill out your discovery book as you try different combinations and face new challenges.[25] - [AS] SOLIDAge
Q: Is there actually a reason to run these? better loot, material drops etc or just for fun?
A: Better loot, specific loot, specific events or enemies, lots of reasons. - [AS] SOLIDAge [26]

Q: Is there a point to modifiers? Like extra loot? Or just for fun?
A: yes, certain things will only show up with mutators etc [27]

Q: Are you still taking questions, Solid? Was curious how many open questing zones are planned for Early Access?
A: We're working on multiple zones, but no hard numbers to announce right now. - [AS] SOLIDAge [28]

Q: How many players will there be able to be at the same time in the open world at once, as in a maximum. For ex. fighting against a world boss?
A: So right now we don't have an answer BECAUSE we're finding out. We're using the data from the tests that we've run to get basic data and I can say that we've actually upped this number twice in our internal testing, last time I saw I think it was 35? I'm hesitant to say a specific number we're going for because I don't want you to get sad when we don't hit it. I can attest, Skylight looks pretty wild even in the high 20s. - [AS] SOLIDAge [29]

Q: I'll throw in my question now since I'll be afk now for a while, and I'll check later. Can we expect music with vocals/lyrics in the game?
A: I can’t say no definitively but right now we have a mostly orchestral music and it’s great. - [AS] SOLIDAge [30]

Q: Do you know if there will be any PvP? 😅
A: ATM focused on making the PvE as good as possible, the next logical step is PvPvE, but PvP down the line isn't out of the question. Just want to make sure it is excellent, and not just an afterthought to fit a "Technicality" - [AS] Sir_Snarf [31]

Q: Are you able to tell us if there are any plans to add daily/weekly lockouts for content or any kind of stamina system (Like resin in genshin if youve played that at all)
A: No. There is zero time gating. - [AS] SOLIDAge [32]


Q: Is Combat reminiscent of hybrid action MMOs?
A: We want the game to feel like an action game so combat is fluid and more in like with a traditional console / pc action game than an old school tab targeting mmo - [AS] SOLIDAge [33]

Q: Based on the earlier video it seems that there will be some kind of combo system with weapons so that you aren't just feeling like you're stuck with 4 abilities?
A: There are combos and even though there are 4 abilities you can mod them and augment them quite a bit when leveling up a character [34]

Q: Will the combat feel more like there is weight to each hit or more of a combo counter beat ‘em up?
A: The combat pacing will be similar to Darksiders games. On a spectrum of Dark Souls to Monster Hunter to Devil May Cry, it’s somewhere in the middle. - [AS] MadTzyn [35]


Q: For example there was character specific weapons for the classes in Destiny. Will there be something like that?
A: One of the things that was mentioned in our announcement video was that we want each player to be able to customize their character and play the way that they want. Each character will have a signature weapon, but any character can use any weapon type (or other’s signature) in our game. There will be choices and trade offs but it’s all about player choice! - [AS] MadTzyn [36]

Q: From what we say it is a action game the weapons will be like Warframe that every single one will be "unique" like a pistol that change fire rate or the like or like Dark Souls that they will be like a group with special being "unique" and combo general of the weapon group?
A: Each weapon will have a unique ability. Each weapon type will have unique mechanics to them. - [AS] SOLIDAge [37]

Q: Are signature weapons and non-signature weapons a thing? Like can you just loot "a 2-h sword"? Or are all 2-h swords called "Icefang" or something?
A: You can’t loot weapons. You work towards creating them via crafting. Each weapon be it signature or NOT a signature has a unique ability to just that single weapon. - [AS] SOLIDAge [38]

Q: Okay, interesting. So what defines signature over non-signature? Is it like a mythic item with a more powerful ability?
A: It’s specifically made to the theme of whomever it belongs to. I don’t believe they have more stats + mod capacity etc. We have some ideas on “proficiencies” and what that might look like, but you’ll never be totally gimped. - [AS] SOLIDAge [39]

Q: So there could be 8 variants of the sword+shield, but Wingrave's specifically is called Bastion.?
A: And all 8 of those other swords and shields would have a different ability on them and a unique name. - [AS] SOLIDAge [40]

Q: Starting to remind me of Monster Hunter World's big crafting lines for each weapon
A: In a way yeah… we want them to be meaningful and rewarding to farm up and then create and you’ll use it forever. One sword and shield could have a support ability, one could have a DPS ability etc.Then you can mod it, prestige etc and just make it more and more powerful. - [AS] SOLIDAge [41]

Q: Unprompted.
A: Rifles feel goooooodI keep saying it here, but the new magnetism of them feels really solid and makes shooting fun. - [AS] SOLIDAge [42]


Q: What will the accessibility options for this upcoming game be?
A: We are big advocates of accessibility and allowing players to personalize their play experience. We’ve done our best to offer gameplay and accessibility options for all of our games, with a lot of custom technology built right into our engine. While we are still hammering out our early plans for these options, you can expect things like controller remapping, readability options for text and dialogue, camera FOV, and HUD options to fine tune the density of information and immersion. Over time, we would love to let players adjust their gameplay color palettes, display custom awareness indicators and targeting feedback, reposition and scale HUD elements, and more… One of the most exciting things about building a live game is being able to expand on our accessibility options as we go with the feedback from our community. Let us know what you’d like to see! - [AS] Billy [43]

Q: This might be a minor thing but... I play most games using arrow keys, so being able to fully rebind keys is a big thing for me (and I guess others= pretty please make sure that most if not all keys are fully re-bindable? (I had games where certain keys simply could not be changed etc. ENTER for example was hard bound to chat in one game) and would rather like to avoid key input changers because, anti cheat detection stuff etc.
A: We're going to do a deep dive into accessibility in the future, but I'm happy to report that you can actually do what you're asking today. (Granted we're in dev, everything can change).[44] We have some finessing for Mouse and Keyboard as we've done a lot with the controller. The content creators we had out here last month gave some great insights into making M&K feel better. - [AS] SOLIDAge [45]

Q: Also what's the plan with accessibility considering I can't read?
A: We are actually working with some accessibility consultants. - [AS] SOLIDAge [46]


Q: Currently we've not seen anything on Guilds, housing or neighborhoods, so this might be tricky to answer. Are Neighborhoods intended to be:
A - Just random housing areas, sort of like FF14, just plots of land.
B - Randomly instanced housing areas, with your friends. Where houses are hot swapped in/out.
C - Guild areas that can be curated by guild members, ala Warframe.
D - Other....

A: In Early Access will be shipping B as a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), then we'll work towards the overall goal towards combining A + C. - [AS] SOLIDAge [47]

Q: My only concern with any kind of system like FFXIV is the arbitrary limitations that prevent players from getting housing because there are only so many available. I feel like if you're starting off with B, you're probably going to prevent this from happening?
A: We don't have plans to have a system like 14 where there is a land rush - [AS] SOLIDAge [48]

Q: Hi Solid. Good afternoon! Has Airship worked out the kinds of buffs we get from the player housing system? If we sleep in our house, do we get buffs?
A: Yes. We have multiple ideas and basic designs. We’ll go into depth on them at a later time. - [AS] SOLIDAge [49]

Early Access/Launch[edit]

Q: Good morning, is early access exclusively random?
A: Morning! Beta is random selection, EA will be primarily through founder packs, but we are going to have other ways to get people the chance to get in early too. Details to be announced later this month - [AS] Sir_Snarf [50]

Q: How long does early access last for launch?
A: EA will roll into Launch - [AS] SOLIDAge [51]

Q: My concern is less about the scope for the lifetime of the game and more what's going to be available at launch. Lots of games have fallen off before they got the chance to get where they wanted to go.
A: It's a valid fear! But proof will be in the pudding, I can share how good I think the game is in its current state until I'm blue in the face... but what will really count is when people get to play it and decide for themselves. All I can say is we are committed to continue to make it even greater - [AS] Sir_Snarf [52]

Q: What about PS4 we don't get in until EA so?
A: What about it? PlayStation 4 will come with Early Access. - [AS] SOLIDAge [53]

Q: Will we have exclusive items in early access like titles or visuals?
A: Yes. - [AS] SOLIDAge [54]

Q: How many Wayfinders will be available to choose from the start? And if you can answer; which ones?
A: 6, They'll all be ready, and we'll launch new ones at a good pace - [AS] SOLIDAge [55]

Closed Beta Test[edit]

A: We are in the process of finalizing our plans and we'll let you guys know soon. - [AS] SOLIDAge [56]

Q: I really hope I get to play CBT, I would really love to get a taste of the game!
A: CBT will be the largest invitation pool by a wide margin, so I hope so too! Annnnd, not just NA 🙂 - [AS] Sir_Snarf [57]

Q: Are friend (access) codes a thing and is anybody in the market for a friend? Asking for a friend.
A: We'd love to add that for future tests, but no friend codes just yet! - [AS] SOLIDAge [58]

Q: Wait how many people signed up again?
A: We have not released specific beta numbers but I have said we have over 100k wishlists on steam, and our beta numbers are higher than that... by a lot. - [AS] SOLIDAge [59]

Q: Give or take that the average person who signs up for tests tends to sign up on 2-4 different accounts?
A: We had an astronomically high redemption rate, none of these "dead codes" were put to waste, we sent more invites based on our testing goals and data needs - [AS] SOLIDAge [60]

Q: Will it be a clean slate start?
A: When we are releasing the game it'll all be wiped, people playing today will not have a headstart on any content. - [AS] SOLIDAge [61]


Q: Can you share some more information about the battle pass?
A: OK Deets!

  • "Battle pass" is a placeholder name just so people have an idea what were talking about, final name is in the works but will likely reflect more of the adventure elements of how we plan players to interact with it.
  • There ARE free nodes and unlocks throughout the tower levels and you will get to back track to unlock paid tiers if you decide to buy the season's pass later on in the season.
  • You will NOT be able to buy an earlier season pass after the season expires, BUT if you did purchase it when it was available, it will never expire and you will be able to explore/progress it at your leisure at any point into the future
  • Numbers are likely to fluctuate based on the theme of each season and the tower layouts, but expect ~100 nodes per season
  • When we release Founder Pack details, we will share much more of the granular specifics of how the battle passes work, whats included, price points, etc.
  • As we continue to explore how to build out our battle pass system, there very well may be multiple exits and more advanced secrets to discover while exploring it ( We want to make if feel like its own unique little light weight adventure), For this pass expect to only have one main entrance/exit but that is not necessarily the case for all passes in the future
  • Yall are cool 😎

- [AS] Sir_Snarf [62]

Q: Will there be regional pricing?
A: Yes. - [AS] SOLIDAge [63]

Q: Are any battle passes included with the early access Founder's Packs?
A: If you're buying into the founder's program, you'll automatically get the Gloom Break Battle Pass. - [AS] SOLIDAge [64]

Q: Will we be able to buy past battle passes after their season ends?
A: No. It'll only be available during the time frame the season is on BUT the character can be purchased separately after that season. - [AS] SOLIDAge [65]

Q: Is battle pass paid in any way?
A: We'll go into battle pass and other MTX details soon, you can expect it to be very similar to other systems from other games but we do have our unique take on some of those that we think will make players quite happy. - [AS] SOLIDAge [66]

Q: Will there be a method to gift Battle Passes to people??
A: We do plan to have this down the line, not for Early Access though. - [AS] SOLIDAge [67]

Q: Even with the game looking to release F2P, can we expect some form of physical collectors/founders edition of the game? I have a mighty need!
A: It’s always humbling when people believe in you and what you’re creating. We saw that first hand with Kickstarter. Partnering with someone like Digital Extremes allows us a lot more freedom as we aren’t self funding or crowd funding. While we don’t have anything to announce today, we are planning to offer founder’s packs for people to get in early and show their support for the game and us with exclusive items we don’t plan on selling. A physical release obviously is a little more tricky but also realize that is important for some so we are currently looking into that as well. - [AS] SOLIDAge [68]

Q: One question I noticed was left unanswered: Will there be a subscription? (Something optional like ESO)
A: It's not something we're planning in the sense that the game is built around it. If we do have one, it'll be like ESO+ where it's additive and not required but no plans right now. - [AS] SOLIDAge [69]


Q: Also, back on the topic of cosmetics/customization: I read that there will be lots of ways for us to differentiate our characters from other people's. What does this entail? Just armor/dyes? I doubt we'll be able to change stuff such as the hair color, skin tones of the characters since they're set in the lore, so just curious.
A: Too lengthy to get into here, but the level of customization on skill trees, weapons, trinkets and cosmetics is EXTENSIVE, You'll unlock dyes and be able to color individual components of your cosmetics - [AS] Sir_Snarf [70] [71]

Q: What systems will you have for allowing players to show their time spent on the game? WoW has armor sets / mounts, league of legends has Challenges / banners / mastery / eternals. Normally we see something like Player Housing, but what is a players main way of flexing their time and accomplishments in the game to other players?
A: Every character and weapon in the game will be earnable through playing, so building your character base and arsenal will be one aspect of it. We also have many cosmetic options to unlock along the way to make your characters and weapons feel like your own. Mounts, cosmetic pets, player housing (and a slew of decorations), and emotes are some other ways you can flex your accomplishments! We are also designing a robust player badge system that will let players customize their online profiles. You will earn titles, backgrounds and icons through mastery and gameplay which should be a great way to show off your accomplishments to other players. - [AS] MadTzyn [72]

Q: Is there any chance I can get some kind of confirmation on a mix and match styles/persona system so I can take, say, a helmet from one Wingrave persona and armor from another?
A: Currently personas are entire skins that are not customizable. The "base" character is customizable with shoulders, head, chest etc - [AS] SOLIDAge [73]

Q: can personas be dyed
A: We had a chat about this recently, it's up in the air. Currently not planned due to how they function and since it's almost a remodel of the character it could be hard, but nothing to announce now. - [AS] SOLIDAge [74]

A: Will we have pets in-game? Will they be for combat or purely cosmetic (like ESO) ?
Q: 99% sure I answered this before and it was you that asked! But right now they are non-combatants, but the system isn’t final so I can’t say where they’ll land. [75]

Q: With players having control of studio-created characters (as I call a Hero MMO), what customizations will there be to individualize each player's character, if any?
A: We chose to make our game character based because that’s one of the strengths of our studio; Making memorable characters that are fun to play! We know that customization is important to players and we aren’t going to be skimping on that. We’ll have various cosmetics, dyes and skills + stat choices so that your character is unique from someone else’s both in how they look and how they play. There will be quite a few ways to make your version of a character different from your friends, but every character can use every weapon… and that’s really going to add variety! - ELSK [76]


Q: When beginning the game, how do you select a character?
A: You start the game and pick a starter character and play the tutorial, at the end of the tutorial it asks you if you want to proceed OR restart it with a new character. - [AS] SOLIDAge [77]

Q: Any more non human Wayfinders in the queue...maybe a goblin?
A: Yes. - [AS] SOLIDAge [78]

Q: I hope that we are not forced to have multiple characters.
A: You will not be forced. There are benefits to playing multiple characters though. We’ll be able to share more later on!Jump We’ll talk more about that soon but there will be reasons to play with people and your characters will feel unique enough that you’ll want to play with others. - [AS] SOLIDAge [79]

Q: What is your favorite wayfinder?
A: There is an upcoming Wayfinder that I know will be my favorite just because it's my play style in a theme that I love, but until that Wayfinder is released, I shall be playing Wingrave and Kyros. To be clear, this character is not next in line, they are about 4 away sadly 😢 - [AS] SOLIDAge [80]

Q: So it's just Niss but Cat. Unless you mean the character from the concept art that I am absolutely fawning and simping over because GOOD GOD SHE LOOKS COOL AF!
A: Nope. Not what I was referencing. But that character is dope af. Are they a Wayfinder? An NPC? A boss? You’ll have to wait and see! - [AS] SOLIDAge [81]

Q: Ok ya plan at least ideal 10 extra Wayfinders yet
A: We have 4 that we’re currently working on. - [AS] SOLIDAge [82]

Q: When will we get more information about redacted? She’s been unknown for so long!
A: Closer to Early Access. - SOLIDAge [83]

Q: Is it a character's first scenario where you think of cool characters and how they would fit in the world, or making your story and adding prominent characters to the game?
A: A little of both, if I'm understanding your question correctly. Some characters come naturally out of the ideation process by nature of being a compelling product of what's going on in Evenor at this time. Other characters are just awesome things the team wants to try out, we think people will enjoy, and we figure out how that person fits into the world. - [AS] Joe Frye [84]

Q: Under the hero stats (referring to the main website Wayfinder statistics), what does Control refer to?
A: Things like slows, roots, taunts, disables things like that. - [AS] SOLIDAge [85]

Q: While the design looks so good on the characters, I wish it was like other MMO where you are the character you know, it will feel like Overwatch where Lucio is Lucio and you are just playing as him. But let see how it goes.
A: The Gloom has twisted and warped everything that it touches and why you’ll see multiples of the same character. No two will be alike though as you can use any weapon, customization through parks and dyes and more. - [AS] SOLIDAge [86]

Q: For anyone who got into the Current Beta is 'Display name' what your name will show as in Game? In other words can we give our Characters Individual Names or is it 1 name for all characters, like a single 'Account' Name?
A: It's an account name, and they are not unique - [AS] SOLIDAge [87]

Story/Gameplay Progression[edit]

Q: Since you guys have done testing, how many hours does it take to access the endgame on average?
A: We actually have only tested a sliver of our MSQ (Main Story Quest). We'll be testing more of that in beta. - [AS] SOLIDAge [88]

Q: Will there be a hard cap on levels like say for guns and Wayfinder or more of a soft cap type of system? Possible limitless progression?
A: Hard cap. - [AS] SOLIDAge [89]

Q: Is "account level" still gonna be a thing?
A: Yes. - [AS] SOLIDAge [90]

Q: What will the super hard content be called?
A: Super hard content. It doesn’t have a name right now actually. We have difficulty tiers for content, but like end game “raid type” things have no formal name right now. - [AS] SOLIDAge [91]

Q: Will you have to do the main story to get to the end game or will there be multiple routes?
A: The main story will open up new areas and challenges, it's not really a "gate" per say like in FFXIV but you'll want to do it.- [AS] SOLIDAge [92]

Q: Is the progression system account based or character based, or both?
A: Both. - [AS] SOLIDAge [93]

Q: Have you or any other member of the team answered how the "main stuff" will be? And by main stuff I mean progression and world and by that I mean it will be mission based, or full open world or half and half....
A: We'll have a main story, with quests that have you venturing out into dungeons and open areas. I think I've used Destiny a few times as an analogy. - [AS] SOLIDAge [94]

Q: I definitely remember something about awakening characters coming up.
A: Correct. You can level up a character's ranks. Ranks can’t be bought either. - [AS] SOLIDAge [95]


Q: How long or hard do the devs want it to take to unlock new Wayfinders and weapons?
A: There isn't a set number in mind. We don't have this spreadsheet that says "X hours = Y engagement = Z dollars spent" . We want to value your time so we're continuously tuning it and using the tests + betas to get the data that we want and need. - [AS] SOLIDAge [96]

Q: Last time I asked, I think most of the server was asleep and those of us awake couldn't figure it out, with resources for crafting, how do you gather them?
A: You’ll find resources both in the open world area and have to enter Lost Zones for others. We definitely want players to be exploring and looking around for stuff so we’re excited for the secrets, puzzles and quests you’ll find all around. - [AS] SOLIDAge [97]

Q: Will there be crafting times like in Warframe?
A: Also for the record, no time gating, instant crafting is a thing... for those who don't read my YT comments 😅 - [AS] Sir_Snarf [98]


Q: Will there be fishing in the game ?
A: We want to, it existed a long time ago, and was de-prioritized. It's something Joe loves so I would expect it to come back in some form maybe not right away though. - [AS] SOLIDAge [99]

Q: Do you think there will be in-game events for holidays and stuff?
A: We'd like to, the world is not on earth though so we're also wanting to make our own holidays and events and unique things to celebrate in-game - [AS] SOLIDAge [100]

Q: Are yall planning on adding a camera mode of some sorts?
A: Already is one in dev branch - [AS] Sir_Snarf [101]

Airship Studios + Digital Extremes[edit]

Q: Given you guys made so many different games, was MMO an itch everyone had in the studio ? like something you guys always wanted to do ?
A: I think it's always been in the back of their minds... but it's not something that can be accomplished easily right off the bat. Takes an absurd amount of resources/skills to pull off correctly. Since the studio was able to prove their worth with BC/DS/RK we were able to secure partnerships with the tools to make the dream a reality. The team is smart, building strategically up to the point where a game with Wayfinder's scope is feasible. - [AS] Sir_Snarf [102]

Q: Just curious, how big is the team at AS?
A: 85+. - [AS] SOLIDAge [103]

Q: Is Geoff Crookes leaving Warframe to work on your new IP?
A: Warframe is developed by a totally different studio (DE) and dev team, there is no overlap. - [AS] SOLIDAge [104]

Q: What does DE actually do? Just helps with the monetization scheme and publishes right?
A: I think the connection we have with DE leads a lot of people to believe that we have a lot of the same systems / ideas and they’re 1:1. I get it, it’s natural. 90% of people don’t understand a publisher and how that’s different from a dev. They act as advisors on the project, monetization, servers, accounts etc. They don’t tell us “COPY THIS WARFRAME SYSTEM!” The game was designed well before DE got involved and there were natural synergies They do zero development. They say “this is good because X!” Or “this is bad because Y!” And that’s what we want, it’s an ongoing feedback session and it only helps make a better game - [AS] SOLIDAge [105]

Technical Info[edit]

Q: In one of their AMAs they do mention that Wayfinder is not yet planned to be supported on Steam Deck.
A: What he said. It currently runs, I play it all the time on my Deck. We’d love to do it but it’s not a confirmed platform as of this time. - [AS] SOLIDAge [106]

Q: That's another concern I have, IDK if my PC will run this game fine.
A: Optimization is ongoing, but wasn't the primary focus for the first few tests. As we get through EA and FR it will continue to improve. - [AS] Sir_Snarf [107]

Q: BTW, does Wayfinder have anti-cheat? I ask because MMOs have problems with this
A: We have multiple anti-cheat plans, can't go into details for security reasons but they'll be there. - [AS] SOLIDAge [108]

Q: Which Unreal Engine are y'all using, 4 or 5?
A: We’ve been developing the game in Unreal Engine 4 for some time now, and have been benefiting from the familiarity our team has working in Unreal, plus years of stability, features and established ways of doing things. However! We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes working on an update to Unreal Engine 5. UE5 has a ton of new and exciting features our artists would love to get their hands on: we think cutting edge features like Nanite are going to allow us to push the detail in our game further while providing a smooth gameplay experience. Lighting with Lumen will allow us to create more moody, softly-lit environments. We appreciate the cutting edge here at Airship, and we’re always looking for ways to push our craft forward. This project won’t come right away, but we’re very hopeful that not too far in the future we’ll be able to unveil the look of our game with a shiny new coat of UE5 paint! - [AS] andresmakesgames [109]

Q: When will Wayfinder be updated to UE5 (Unreal Engine 5)?
A: Before full release. - [AS] SOLIDAge [110]

Q: What regional servers will there be on launch, and how will server mergers be handled when a server population gets low?
A: We play games online just like everyone here and one of the most frustrating things on launch day is getting on the “Bing Bong” server and finding out your friend is on “Shibbledibble” then four months later the two are combined. It’s important for players to quickly get into a game and play with friends and that’s why we will not have server selection. You’ll find your friend and jump into their game. We don’t have a list of specific regions to announce at this time, but will in the future. DE brings a great knowledge to the table when it comes to tech so we’ve been working hard in conjunction with them to bring the game to life as they’re the proven masters. - [AS] andresmakesgames [111]

Q: That's fantastic! Thank you for being so considerate! I noticed that you already were trying to be potato-compatible because needing only 4gb of VRAM is pretty low.
A: It’s a balancing act you want to get people into the game but also want it to look great! We are working with our partners at AMD to also take advantage of FSR 2.0 to help with running the game at a solid frame on lesser spec machines. - [AS] SOLIDAge [112]


Q: Is the Citadel of the Seven Winds and the Dominion of the Seven Winds from Senja's backstory the same?
A: Yeah, the idea here is that the people of Evenor have knowingly or unknowingly built their most prosperous cities and structures around these strange structures now known as the Beacons, just like our hero's main hub of Skylight has a Beacon. The 'Dominion' is one of the nations (like the Avar Imperium or the Maze - two other nations). The Citadel is a massive spire the Dominion have built out of around the beacon they found. Just as mentioned, the Avar Throne was built around/out of a Beacon. - [AS] Joe Frye [113]

Q: Is the Empire the only one minting coin? Do other civilizations just barter and trade?
A: All three of the major powers used currency. The Maze's economy functioned quite differently than the Imperium, but coin was still useful to them. The Maze isn't undeveloped by any means, and neither is the Dominion, their skillset is just in different areas. Think of it like this:
1) Imperium = they're the arcanic science peeps; they use magic to enhance technology to their purposes, and would be responsible for things like the creation of arcanic firearms, etc.
2) Dominion = masters of the raw elements of magic; they're closer to what you would consider mages or wizards, and their society developed around instinctual use and study of the elements.
3)Maze = jacks of all trades; they use whatever they need to get by. They have a little technology, a little magic, but they're most famous for their use of alchemical compounds. - [AS] Joe Frye [114]

Q: So the Maze is not an actual maze, it's a nation? Or a nation in a maze?
A: The Maze refers to a nation. But there are also labyrinthian shenanigans. Though that is all I will say! - [AS] Joe Frye [115]

Q: Unprompted, in a lore post.
A: Aurelian: Equal parts library, temple, and arcane workshop, Aurelian was once a monastery for the Order of the Silver Codex. Originally founded as an Imperial outpost in a dangerous frontier, the ruins of Aurelian boast imposing fortifications which loom over The Highlands. Rumor tells that the monastery was abandoned during the height of the Mazewar, though the details of the raid on its denizens remain unclear. Still, it is well documented that Aurelian once supported a robust population of monks and travelers. The Seekers believe there may still be supplies and both technological and arcane boons capable of restoring Skylight hidden within the monastery’s walls. Yet mystical wards and ancient traps linger in the ruins, plaguing any scavengers that dare explore Aurelian’s forlorn halls. Thus, like most silver linings in The Highlands, little hope remains. - [AS] SOLIDAge [116]

Q: In this interview with wccftech (https://wccftech.com/wayfinder-qa-joe-madureira-unveils-new-mmorpg-lite-game/), Joe Madureira describes the Precursors as a 'mysterious alien race' but this recent lore post seems to imply they were created by the Architects here on Evenor. Are both of these statements accurate?
A: I don't want to get too deep into this question as it touches on lore pieces that the story will cover. But suffice to say, both statements are accurate. - [AS] Joe Frye [117]

Q: What's the relationship between the Wayfinders and Omen's Seekers? We are a Wayfinder but also a Seeker? Are all Seekers also Wayfinders? Are all Wayfinders also Seekers?
A: The Seekers are the forces led by Omen in Skylight that are trying to put the world back together. Wayfinders are the Seeker's greatest champions, brought back from the depths of the Gloom. - [AS] Joe Frye [118]

Q: Unprompted, in a lore post.
A: OK for today's leak. I present the FIRST voice line from the game as well as some new and exciting lore to discuss and speculate on. We've said before that all of our characters have a rich history, back story, and relationships and we can't wait to explore that in-game. "The Eldren were never part of the Architects' plan for our world. They're a cursed, dying people, and they know it. I’ve fought Eldren in the catacombs beneath Imperial cities, scheming to destroy us... and now they may have actually done it. So forgive me if I don’t trust Niss." – Wingrave - [AS] SOLIDAge [119]

Q: What is Wingrave’s favorite food?
A: Hmm... the meme answer I want to give is like... plain white bread. But probably a traditional Avar food. Maybe I'll slip that into an item description somewhere. - [AS] Joe Frye [120]

Q: We were curious which characters would canonically drop the 'f-bomb'?
A: Silo would have no qualms dropping the F-bomb for sure. Niss, if she was in a dire sitch. I could see Senja saying it, but in more of a fun, sailor, we're all friends here kind of way. Wingrave would be staunchly opposed! Kyros makes weird arcane screeches... - [AS] Joe Frye [121]

Q: What is Niss’s favorite pop-tart?
A: Silo: Hey, Niss. What's your favorite pop tart? Niss: What is this tart? Why is it popping? - [AS] Joe Frye [122]

Q: What color lipstick would Niss wear if any?
A: She's not really a lipstick kind of gal. But, if for some reason, she was convinced to wear some for the odd occasion... Maybe dark purple. Lilac. Gotta keep that color scheme consistent. Or the blood of her enemies. - [AS] Joe Frye [123]

Q: does Kyros just look-like-that™ or is his hood concealing it cuz the cosmetics make it look like that's just how he looks
A: Kyros ascended beyond the confines of a mortal body long ago. So, in other words, yes, he does just look like that. He comes from a place called the Kingdom of Ashes that exists as only ruins now. Though, it was much more advanced than any of the civilizations that persisted to modern times in Evenor. I would look out for secrets related to his homeland to learn more about his people. - [AS] Joe Frye [124]

Q: Yeah so I noticed in Niss's background it mentioned the Infinites and the Aegis War that took place to make the Eldren, I was just wondering if that's like far in the past before the Gloomfall and what the Infinites were in relation to the Celestial Architects?
A: The Aegis War is the distant past. Keep an eye on item descriptions (weapons, accessories, etc.) whenever you get a chance to play for answers to some of these questions. - [AS] Joe Frye [125]

Q: The Gloom being this reality bending, creation juice right?
A:The Gloom is a mysterious force that when it touches people, land or anything it warps and distorts reality creating infinite versions of realities, places and people. You’re dead. - [AS] SOLIDAge [126]

[SOLIDAge continued in successive discord messages]

  • It is why you can have 5 Wingraves running around, or 3 Niss or 19 Kyros, they’re all echoes of the actual character who was lost in the Gloom.
  • You all share the same past… but not the same future.
  • “You are an echo of a fallen hero” was pretty clear IMHO but we can clarify haha.
  • Dem Wayfinders be dead.
  • 50 Wingraves is the same reason every time you step into the Gloom it’s different with different layouts, enemies, loot, events, quests etc.
  • Whatever the Gloom touches it twists and reshapes.
  • We aren’t planning some Warframe Second Dream twist lol.

Q: So with the lore in the future, would you guys consider doing a cinematic short story between all the characters or certain characters? I can’t say for everyone but I loved reading the lord and wait for more!
A: Without revealing too much… yes. Our very first cinematic you’ll see is exactly this. - [AS] SOLIDAge [127]

Q: And what's the relationship between Westreach and Highlands because they seem to be really close?
A: Westreach is the larger region; Highlands is like a sub-region within the Westreach. - [AS] Joe Frye [128]

Q: Does the monsters of the gloom have a specific name? That is to say classifications on their species, not like a race of creatures of say goblins; but rather than call them monsters, what are they really?
A: Just checked with the Lord of Lore, Gloom Creatures/Monsters are the best term to probably use for now. Their existence might be different than you might expect. - [AS] Sir_Snarf [129]

Q: I always thought they were referred to as Echoes?
A: The Gloom Creatures would be slightly different from Echos... Echos are manifestations of things which existed in the world prior to the Gloom consuming them. - [AS] Sir_Snarf [130]


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