Founders are players who have purchased any tier of the Founder's Packs during Wayfinder's Early Access to support Airship Syndicate. The Founder's Packs include entry to Early Access, Runesilver, paid access to Founder Reward Towers, and exclusive titles and glyphs. Higher tiers contain additional Founder cosmetics, while the highest tier includes the Founders-exclusive Heroic Kyros.

Founder's Pack availability will span from August 17, 2023 to the end of Early Access.

Founder's Packs[edit]

4 tiers will be available for purchase, and players can upgrade to higher ones if they purchase a lower tier. The packs, along with their benefits, are as shown:

Base Initiate Awakened Exalted
Runesilver 500 1000 2250 4200
Early Access
Founder's Season 1 Paid Paid Premium Premium
Founder's Season 2 Free Paid Premium Premium
Founders’ Flag
Profile Background
Founder’s Glyph Pack
Titles and Profile Glyphs “Wayfounder” “Wayfounder”
Free Wayfinder Token 1 2 3
Charger’s Sickle
Sword & Shield Skin
Dual Wield Dagger Skin
Arcbolt Rifle Skin
Founder’s Dye Set
Highlands Strider
Mount and Saddle
Rimehunter Cub
Housing Pet
Founder’s Housing
Decoration Set
Heroic Kyros
with Ascendant Style Set
and Exalted Dye Pack
Enchanted Tower Compass
Wingrave Knight of the Throne
Style Set
Niss Shadow Nation
Style Set
Silo Firestarter
Style Set

Founder-Exclusive Items[edit]

The following items have been confirmed to be exclusive to the Founder's Packs, and will never re-released in the future.

Early Access[edit]

Purchasing any tier of the Founder's Packs will allow a player to access Wayfinder's Early Access.

Founders' Flag Profile Background[edit]

A Founders-exclusive background for player profiles.

Founders' Glyph Pack[edit]

A series of Founders-exclusive profile Glyphs.

Founders' Titles and Glyphs[edit]

Founders-exclusive titles and matching Glyphs. Higher tiers will include all of the previous tiers' titles and Glyphs.

Weapon Skins[edit]

Exclusive to Initiate and higher. Includes three weapon skins that can be applied to Sword & Shields, Dual Daggers, and Rifles, respectively.

Founder's Dye Set[edit]

Exclusive to Initiate and higher. A set of colors for customizing styles

Highlands Strider Mount and Saddle[edit]

Exclusive to Ascended and higher. The mount will be accessible in late 2023.

Founder's Housing Decorations Set and Pet[edit]

Exclusive to Ascended and higher.

Heroic Kyros, Ascendant Style Set, and Exalted Dye Pack[edit]

Exclusive to Exalted. Heroic Kyros also comes with his own Ascendant style set and Exalted dye set.

Enchanted Tower Compass[edit]

Exclusive to Exalted. The Enchanted Tower Compass provides a permanent 5% experience boost towards Reward Tower progress.

Wayfinder Style Sets[edit]

Exclusive to Exalted. Includes style sets for Wingrave, Niss, and Silo.

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