Max Health
Weapon Power
Ability Power
Crit Rating
Crit Power
Break Power
Phys Defense
Mag Defense
Max Level30
Max Temper3
Max Awakening3
Heroic Kyros"Kyros"
Echo Whitelist
"Gold Mite Echo"
"Grazer Echo"
"Rat Echo"
"Baltoad Echo"
"Bloodbag Echo"
"Tiding Echo"
"Wretch Echo"
"Balgrim Echo"
"Goblin Scavenger Echo"
"Ichorling Echo"
"Broodspawn Echo"
"Foul Wretch Echo"
"Codex Initiate Echo"
"Archon Echo"
"Shrike Sentry Echo"
"Torrent Echo"
"Hollow Husk Echo"
"Husk Echo"
"Lesser Deceiver Echo"
"Bonebinder Echo"
"Rotbeak Echo"
"Frostbeak Echo"
"Deadeye Shrike Echo"
"Shrike Skirmisher Echo"
"Deceiver Echo"
"Herald Echo"
"Goblin Hunter Echo"
"Goblin Hacker Echo"
"Balgrim Digger Echo"
"Windhowler Echo"
"Talon Echo"
"Bloodletter Echo"
"Codex Monk Echo"
"Ichor Echo"
"Broodhunter Echo"
"Seer Echo"
"Oracle Echo"
"Shurrk Echo"
"Shrike Enforcer Echo"
"Prophecy Echo"
"Balgrim Beacon Echo"
"Primeval Duskhunter Echo"
"Bonebreaker Echo"
"Blood Warden Echo"
"Codex Sage Echo"
"Silk Mistress Echo"
"Thunderer Echo"
"Bear Echo"
"Goblin Seer Echo"
"Plague Keeper Echo"
"Archon Elite Echo"
"Warbear Echo"
"Shroudstalker Echo"
"Grim Morningstar Echo"
"Icy Turtlesaur Echo"
"Dire Prophecy Echo"
"Hobgoblin Echo"
"Hollow Horror Echo"
"Wurm Echo"
"Loot Goblin Echo"
"Guardian Echo"
"Corroded Lancer Echo"
"Stormshrike Echo"
"Woe Echo"
"Silent Butcher Echo"
"Earth Shaker Echo"
"Tyran's Bane Echo"
"Vaelor's Blood Echo"
"Archon Commander Echo"
"Arclight Sage Echo"
"Loss Echo"
"Misery Echo"
"Duskhunter Echo"
"Emissary Echo"
"Pouncer Echo"
"Ancient One Echo"
"Everburnt Apostle Echo"
"Flowing Guardian Echo"
"Ninth Herald Echo"
"Heart-Ripper Echo"
"The Highlands Horror Echo"
"Forgone Emissary Echo"
"Pridebound Stomper Echo"
"Commander Rigor Echo"
"Embered Shuul Echo"
"Ursen Mauler Echo"
"Rimehunter Nilras Echo"
"Old Ur'tos Echo"
"Young Sot'Ru Echo"
"Gor Echo"
"Monstrosity Echo"
"King's Hollow Echo"
"Willow Witch Echo"
"Bone Stomper Echo"
"Cryptographer Echo"
"Third Keeper Echo"
"Hunter Telfyre Echo"
"Cragtooth Drowner Echo"
"The Root Echo"
"The Trapper Echo"
"Emissary of Sacrifice Echo"
"Primeval Wurm Echo"
"Primeval Shurrk Echo"
"Broodmother S'ilreth Echo"
"Mythic: Broodmother S'ilreth Echo"
"Trickster Echo"
"The Bloodspawn Echo"
"Mythic: The Bloodspawn Echo"
"Commander Creed Echo"
"The Unravelled Echo"
"Mythic: Commander Creed Echo"
"The Bloodbore Echo"
"Mythic: The Bloodbore Echo"
"The Argent Hand Echo"
"Mythic: The Argent Hand Echo"
"Equilibrium Echo"
"Ryv'n Echo"
"Mythic: Ryv'n Echo"
"The First Echo"
"Mythic: The First Echo"
"Deposed King Echo"
"Azaar, Storm of Blades Echo"
"Mythic: Azaar, Storm of Blades Echo"
"Brel, Storm of Thorns Echo"
"Mythic: Brel, Storm of Thorns Echo"
"Maras Echo"
"Malefic Maw Echo"
"Mythic: Maras Echo"
"Kolaar the Beastmaster Echo"
"Mythic: Kolaar the Beastmaster Echo"
"Dark Arbiter Echo"
"Dread Legion Echo"
"Mythic: Dread Legion Echo"
"Wormwood Echo"
"Mythic: Wormwood Echo"
"Marrow Echo"
"Mythic: Marrow Echo"
"Aturach the Deathless Echo"
"Mythic: Aturach the Deathless Echo"
"Talon of Pyre Echo"
"Precursor Reborn Echo"
"Kindled Heartwood Echo"
"Astral Zephyr Echo"
"Fallen Greedlord Echo"
"Emissary of Ruin Echo"
"Bloodrage of Vuul Echo"
"Slyv'r Echo"
"Balgrim Sapper Echo"
"Frost Ichor Echo"
"Icetrapper Echo"
"The Firebrand Echo"
"The Mastermind Echo"
"Shrike Upstart Echo"
"Glittergreed Echo"
"Ice Lancer Echo"
"Pridelord Echo"
"Gilded Ichorling Echo"
"Goblin Ichorite Echo"
"Wolf Echo"
"Winterspawn Echo"
"Turach et Mourne Echo"
"Gilded Ichor Echo"
"Brumal Storm Echo"
"Unraveling Horror Echo"
"Stomper Echo"
"Frosthunter Echo"
"Phoenix Echo"
"Unraveling Remnant Echo"
"White Widow Echo"
"Felwing Echo"
"Shuul Baelhorn Echo"
"Rivenmaw Echo"
"Silk-Seer Esharaa Echo"
"The Lightkeeper Echo"
"Night's Maw Echo"
"Truth Echo"
"Wisdom Echo"
"Duty Echo"
"Valor Echo"
"Mythic: Truth Echo"
"Mythic: Wisdom Echo"
"Mythic: Duty Echo"
"Mythic: Valor Echo"
"Key Master Echo"
"Feral Drakar Echo"
"Nightbriar Echo"
"The Dire Song Echo"
"Hollowed Hag Echo"
"Kahl Vuul Echo"
"Arclight Guardian Echo"
"Magma Blaster Echo"
"Earthshifter Echo"
"Broodhopper Echo"
"Noxious Widow Echo"
"Threshrot Horror Echo"
"Geartooth Prototype Echo"
"Guts Breath Echo"
"Tarkan the Cruel Echo"
"Foreboding Prophecy"
Housing Whitelist
"Maras Artifact"
"First Artifact"
"Reaver King Artifact"
"Storm Twins Artifact"
"Bloodbore Artifact"
"Voidwhisper Artifact"
"Dread Legion Artifact"
"Bloodrage of Vuul Artifact"
"Slyv'r Artifact"
"Malefic Maw Artifact"
"Primal Shrine"
"Training Dummy"
"Celestial Orrery"
"Unyielding Cube"
"Nexus of Memories"
"Alchemical Mixer"
"Trickster's Artifice"
"Simple Cup"
"Wood Barrel"
"Wood Barracks Barrel"
"Kragan Bed"
"Basic Bed"
"Librarian's Bench"
"Corbin's Compendium: Ruined Aurelian"
"Corbin's Compendium: Highlands Vol 2"
"Corbin's Compendium: The Golden Aerie"
"Faeora Vex's Tricks of the Trade (Road)"
"The Maze War: Vol 6"
"Tales of the Stone King"
"Highlands Field Manual"
"Fighting for the Reach: Truth and Fictions"
"Ashfall: Legends of the Lost Kingdom"
"Tales of the Tower"
"Praefel's Guide to the Arcane Lords"
"Wayfarer's Guide: The Seven Winds"
"Librarian's Records"
"Stack of Basic Books"
"Bottle 1"
"Bottle 2"
"Bottle 3"
"Bottle 4"
"Ingredient Bottle"
"Small Barracks Bowl"
"Stack of Barracks Bowls"
"Artisan Bread"
"Basic Wooden Bucket"
"Large Wooden Cupboard"
"Unlit Candle"
"Melted Candle"
"Librarian's Candle"
"Simple Wooden Chair"
"Unrefined Wooden Chair"
"Padded Chair"
"Wooden Wheel Chandelier"
"Iron Chandelier"
"Iron Lodge Chandelier"
"Simple Wooden Crate"
"Cutting Board"
"Basic Wooden Side Table"
"Simple Dresser"
"Iron Log Holder"
"Highlands Firestripe"
"Highlands Trout"
"Highlands Snapper"
"Wistwill Pitcher"
"Founders Pack Wall Crest"
"Founders Pack Gloom Dagger Case"
"Founders Pack Goblet"
"Founders Pack Statue"
"Fruit Bowl"
"Old Seeker's Shield"
"Builder's Hammer"
"Balled Builder's Hammer"
"Simple Hammer"
"Hack Saw"
"Hanging Arcfuel Lantern"
"Mounted Kitchen Rack"
"Bloodsteam Smoker"
"Simple Jar"
"Repaired Jar"
"Thin-neck Jar"
"Corked Jar"
"Tavern Keeper's Keg"
"Hot Pot"
"Librarian's Desk"
"Cartographer's Desk"
"Scribe's Desk"
"Grazer Meat"
"Grayhorn Meat"
"Grayhorn Ribs"
"Howler Meat"
"Shrieker Meat"
"Simple Mug"
"Seeker's Mug"
"Seeker's Tankard"
"Freestanding Iron Stove"
"Barracks Pan"
"Barracks Pot"
"Barracks Floor Pot"
"Barracks Dish"
"Barracks Plate"
"Stack of Barracks Dishes"
"Arcanist's Ingredient Pot"
"Arcanist's Storage Pot"
"Arcanist's Lidded Pot"
"Clay Pot"
"Unlidded Clay Pot"
"Opened Clay Pot"
"Old Woodwen Shield"
"Wooden Rocking Chair"
"Basic Cloth Rug"
"Market Row Rug"
"Woven Cloth Rug"
"Grain Sack"
"Barracks Ration Sacks"
"Ration Sack"
"Candle Sconce"
"Twin Candle Sconce"
"Half-rolled Scroll"
"Loose Parchment"
"Inked Parchment"
"Grouped Scrolls"
"Coupled Scrolls"
"Tavern Stool"
"Round Wooden Stool"
"Square Wooden Stool"
"Rectangular Wooden Table"
"Basic Wooden Dining Table"
"Round Table"
"Kragan Lantern"
"Empty Toolbox"
"Wash Tub"
"Simple Broom"
"Iron Lantern"
""Full Throttle""
""Last Watch""
"Rimehunter Cub"
"Hermit Crab"
"Venomspawn Bot"
"Skeleton Thief's Chest"
"Ironworn Side Table"
"Ironworn Wall Shelf"
"Ironworn Fan"
"Ironworn Coffee Table"
"Ironworn Chair"
"Ironworn Armchair"
"Ironworn Couch"
"Ironworn Table"
"Ironworn Bookshelf"
"Ironworn Bed"
"Syndicate Wardrobe"
"Hanging Dusknettle"
"Solstone Table Lamp"
"Simple Jewlery Box"
"Worn Jar"
"Potted Plant"
"Witherward Palm"
"Witherward Fenwood"
"Colcasa Plant"
"Shadhur Shroom"
"Potted Shiftstem"
"Alconso Plant"
"Gilded Chalice"
"Worn Veridian Rug"
"Kragan Coffee Table"
"Kragan Shoe Rack"
"Kragan Wall Shelf"
"Mounted Clock"
"Kragan Bench"
"Veridian Stool"
"Avar Tapestry"
"Dominion Tapestry"
"Mazen Tapestry"
"Miniature Breach"
"Unraveling Brazier"
"Hollow Sapling"
"Deepwood Fledgling"
"Witherward Fledgling"
"Solstone Fledgling"
"Coral Crawler"
"Refurbished Jar"
"Veridian Table Lamp"
"Kragan Table Lamp"
"Grandfather Clock"
"Kragan Dresser"
"Deepwood Rug"
"Bright Veridian Rug"
"Stormcall Rug"
"Riverden Rug"
"Closed Wicker Basket"
"Open Wicker Basket"
"Simple Kettle"
"Seat of Darkness"
"Malformed Loveseat"
"Shadow's Rest"
"Darkheart Table"
"Shadeborne Stool"
"Observer's Eyelamp"
"Legion's Lamp"
"Voideye Lamp"
"Shadestone Shelf"
"Shadeborne Cup"
"Shadeborne Pitcher"
"Voidmaze Rug"
"Gray Cub"
"Little White Lie"
"Foundling Pup"
"Foundling Basilisk"
"Foundling Turtle"
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