Build No. 157651
Date November 16, 2023
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This is a client patch for Wayfinder, numbered version It was released for PC version first on November 16, 2023, with the PlayStation version patch delayed due to service transition.

This patch will be our first where we will be diverged from PlayStation due to the transition of service from Digital Extremes to Airship. A publisher has control of 1st party accounts, so in our case we are unable to update PlayStation. This is entirely out of our control and we apologize for the inconvenience to our PlayStation players.

PlayStation players will be able to play as normal but unfortunately they will not receive this patch, or play cross play with PC until we are able to upload patches

As soon as we are able to update the PlayStation version we will.

Patch notes[edit]

  • Players can now respec affinities and resources spent will be refunded
    • NOTE: THIS FEATURE WILL BE ENABLED EARLY NEXT WEEK due to a bug that was found last minute
  • Added cooldowns to ability icons
  • Talon of Pyre should no longer become unresponsive during his final phase
  • Increased Accessory limit from 100 to 125
  • Increased Reward Tower XP for Hunt completion by 1625%
    • NOTE: The old XP values that are live now included a bug. While this number is high and you will see gains, it isn't as astronomical as it reads on paper
  • Fixed an issue where a pre-made parties were unable to leave Expeditions and Hunts before the travel timer reached 0
  • Fixed an issue with "The Caged Bird Sings" where players could not craft a Gloomtrace
  • Fixed an issue where torches could be duplicated in a Gloom Collapse
  • Fixed an issue where Gold Mutator wasn’t spawning gold piles
  • Helper queue now will only put you into instances you've unlocked and are properly leveled for
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