Build No. 168935
Date February 14, 2024
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This is a client patch for Wayfinder, numbered version It was originally released on February 9, 2024 as build #168280. However, due to data loss issue, the server is rolled back and the client is reverted back to version The patch was later re-released on February 14, 2024 as build #168935, with the data loss issue fixed.

Patch notes[edit]



  • You can now craft multiple Gloomstones and Imbuements at once.
  • Pause menu now displays correct scaled power level.
  • Store Bundle thumbnails will no longer show only one item on the featured page.
  • Added a Fast Travel flyout menu, which is a list of unlocked Signal Fires to choose from. This can be accessed from any zone map.
  • The Character Menu now has a new visual presentation, including detailed tooltips for Character Stats.


  • Added Performance and Quality modes in graphic settings for Console
  • Shaders are now pre-loaded when the game starts.
  • Continued performance improvements to both Skylight and The Highlands.
  • Various improvements to how the inventory loads and replicated across servers.
  • The character menu has been reworked resulting in improved performance through menus.
  • The game will now default to Medium settings on first launch (this will not effect current users, only users starting the game for the first time).

Wayfinders & Weapons

  • We have introduced a new system for soft targeting which will increase responsiveness to the direction the player is inputting. This should reduce cases where nearby but off-target enemies are selected over enemies which are on-target but further away.
  • Art of War passive now stacks properly on Warmasters, regardless of the weapon type you are using.
    • Abilities that consume all momentum give 1, 2, or 3 stacks of Art of War depending on ability level.
    • Abilities that combo (like Gladiator Slice) will give 1 stack of Art of War per execution, totaling 3 stacks for a full combo.
    • Wheel of Pain is special in that it drains Momentum over time, but there are two points during the drain that will trigger additional Art of War procs. If Wheel of Pain is held for its full duration, it generates a total of 3 stacks.
    • For Bullet Storm and Volcano, they should now generate 1/2/3 stacks based on charges used.
    • For Dual Striker abilities, they now trigger 3 stacks of Art of War.
  • The healing effect from Bloodsong's ability Wheel of Pain now scales with both Weapon Power and Ability Power, in-line with other weapon ability effects.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Grim Harvest's ability Bone Geyser to scale entirely with Ability Power. It now scales evenly with both Ability Power and Weapon Power, bringing it in-line with other weapon abilities.
  • Hellswarm’s ability Volcano has been improved.. again!
  • First off, we’ve swapped the budgets for Resilience and Weapon Power, so Hellswarm will now have much more Weapon Power than before.
    • Now fires exactly 5 meteors per Locked and Loaded charge.
    • Meteor damage increased by 20%.
    • Meteor blast radius increased by 10%.
    • Meteor drop rate increased by 150%.
    • Meteor landing area reduced by ~50%. (Meteors should now land in a more tightly-packed area.)
  • Fixed a bug with Umbros where the Resilience and Weapon Power budgets were swapped.
  • Bloodsong's ability Wheel of Pain now causes guard-broken enemies to stagger on hit.
  • Tooth and Claw's ability Shredder Toss should no longer fail to find valid targets.
  • Tooth and Claw's ability Shredder Toss should no longer bounce off Silo's clones.


  • Beastmaster Echo
    • Vulture Chill AoE DoT buffed by 150%
    • Bear Slam Damage and Break Damage increased by 150%
  • Grand Deceiver Maras Echo will now only trigger if an enemy is close enough to be pulled into the vortex.
  • Ryv’n Echo can now be charged during its cooldown, allowing you to instantly unleash the damage proc once the cooldown is over.
  • Added Power Ratings for Abominus and Plunderfool Echoes.


  • Reaver Woods Lost Zones now have bespoke encounters.
  • Shrouded Woods will have a lot more beast encounters.
  • The Bone Orchard will feature more Reavers
  • The Hollow Heart will feature more Hollow Ones.
  • Willow Witch - Crow Storm speed reduced.
  • Willow Witch - Crow Storm damage reduced by half per tick.
  • Heart Ripper should now spawn with the correct amount of HP.
  • Snowlings will no longer default into fleeing behavior.
  • Increased the level of the Ice Lancers in the Highlands to 20.
  • Added an additional loot island to the hidden Heroic mode of Gloom Tears in the Highlands.


  • Accessory drop rates from large chests increased from 1 in 6 to 1 in 3
  • Epic Accessory drops from Bosses have been increased.
    • Chance that an accessory will be rare reduced from 91.5% to 60%
    • Chance that an accessory will be epic increased from 8.5% to 40%
  • Mutated Accessories should now drop at content level.
  • Consumables have been added to the chest loot table.
  • Added the Metal Bell trinket to the Helper Coin shop.


  • Added an invulnerability that is applied to the player only during full dialogue takeovers.

Bug Fixes[edit]


  • Fixed an issue where Accessories would sometimes reset after traveling.
  • Fixed Dyes not appearing in the Style tab of the Helper Coin shop.
  • Fixed Senja’s Eventide Hat not displaying correctly.
  • Updated interact ranges for housing items.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck on a Please Wait prompt when purchasing items from the store.
  • Improved the functionality of all interacts across the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Gloom Dagger visuals would overlap.
  • Fixed an issue where sound would continuously play after leveling up a weapons affinity.
  • Fixed an issue where the language setting could not be changed for some players.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get kicked for inactivity while selling to Venge.
  • Selecting “No” to try another character at the end of the tutorial should no longer crash the game.
  • Fixed some SFX channels having a higher volume than intended.
  • Fixed various issues causing hitches when opening the Accessory Inventory.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could disconnect for inactivity while navigating chracter menus
  • Fixed an issue where the Trickster's Character model could be moved by Parrying near him with Dual Daggers
  • Fixed an issue causing party leader to be left in perpetual matchmaking after using Gather Party Feature


  • Character, Fast Travel, and Settings menus have received visual updates.
  • Imbuements and Gloomstones can now be crafted in amounts greater than 1.
  • Fixed an issue where Signal Fires would display the incorrect state on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where “Failed to add friend” would persist on screen.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t abandon Jobs using a mouse.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gloom Collapse Torch UI would be inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue where players could use XP scrolls at max level.
  • Fixed overflowing descriptions for some Rush Echoes.
  • Fixed the Mushroom Masher buff not refreshing on the buff tray.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability unlock icon would persist after switching characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dual Striker 1 point flourish was not correctly refreshing.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Sort By” feature would fail to work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could not Awaken a Wayfinder via Awakening Stone on controller
  • Fixed an issue where Incorrect character portrait could be shown in Affinity menu


  • Fixed an issue where players could not progress the “Birds of a Feather” quest.
  • Fixed inconsistent objective markers during the quest “No Better Friend”
  • Fixed typos in some Jobs.
  • Added Reward Tower XP to Jobs summary.
  • Added missing objective markers for various quests and jobs.
  • Fixed some Trickster events not progress the “Reaver Reconnaissance” Job.
  • Fixed various issues where some jobs could be completed without meeting the criteria.
  • Fixed various issues where certain enemies weren’t counting towards Jobs that they should have.
  • Fixed the mismatched bonus point values for Jobs in the quest log.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get kicked after claiming the bonus reward from the Job board.
  • Fixed an issue where Jobs would fail to populate on the board.


  • Fixed an issue where Ziplines would not display as intended.
  • Mass Deception chests should now all start with the correct visual state.
  • Fixed an issue where some deceivers from the Mass Deception event would vanish.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies would fall through the ice in Highlands.


  • Mutator effects should now stop when an activity is completed.
  • Gloom Collapse Torch behavior should now be more consistent.
  • Reduced how much Overgrowth was healing bosses.
  • The brambles spawned by Gloomshroud will no longer block AI movement.
  • Enemies resurrected by Phoenix Eggs will now reset along with the Hunt on a party wipe.
  • Fixed a Loading screen crash associated with Reaver Woods and Gloom Shroud Mutator

Enemy Combat

  • Fixed an issue where Commander Creeds charge attack would deal no damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Commander Creeds slash attack would deal no damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the exploding chests in the Grand Deceiver hunt would not spawn after a party wipe.
  • Fixed an issue where Night’s Maw burrow attack warning would not display.
  • Fixed an issue where the Beastmaster would stay targeted on a downed player.
  • Fixed an issue where Night’s Maw would lose its collision.
  • Fixed an issue where Night’s Maw would become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where players backfilling into Dread Legion could cause phases to fail to progress.
  • Fixed an issue where Frosthunters would become immune.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would enter panic evade behavior at inappropriate times.
  • Fixed an issue where attacks from Archon Remnants and Codex Sages would not deal damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Seer’s projectile would never miss the player.
  • Fixed an issue where the Icy Turtlesaur attacks would not deal damage.
  • Fixed an issue where the Beastmaster would fail to summon his beasts properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing Hunt Boss health to reset when a player self revives using Phoenix Oil.
  • Fixed an issue causing an extra model of Hunt Bosses to appear during Hunts.
  • Fixed an issue causing Maras to leash during his hunt
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