Personas & Styles[edit]

Personas are full body Wayfinder skins that cannot be mixed with other skins and can only be dyed.
Styles are modular Wayfinder skin sets that can be mixed with other Style Sets and dyed for a unique look. Each Wayfinder has 5 Style slots: Base Set, Head, Shoulders, Waist and Arms.



Set Head Shoulders Waist Arms Source
The Warmage Black Flame
Warmage Hood
Warmage Cover Warmage Field Belt Warmage Gloves Default Kyros Set
Ascendant Warmage Ascendant Black Flame Ascendant Scholar's Cover Ascendant Field Belt Ascendant Researcher's Gloves Default Heroic Kyros Set
Ashfall Ashfall Helm Ashfall Cowl Ashfall Belt Ashfall Gloves Premium Shop
Cursewrit Cursewrit Stare Cursewrit Cowl Cursewrit Belt Cursewrit Gloves Premium Shop


  • The Golden Hydra Persona is labeled as such when equipping the Persona, but is titled Astalyn Dancer when trying to purchase in the shop.


Set Head Pants Belt Guards Source
The Shadow Dancer Shadow Dancer Mask
Shadow Dancer Pants Shadow Dancer Belt Shadow Dancer Gear Default Niss Set
Mercenary Mercenary Collar Mercenary Pants Mercenary Belt Mercenary Gear Premium Shop
Shadeblood Shadeblood Hood Shadeblood Pants Shadeblood Belt Shadeblood Gear Premium Shop
Shadow Nation Shadow Nation Headpiece Shadow Nation Pants Shadow Nation Belt Shadow Nation Gear Exalted Founder's Pack



Set Head Chest Gauntlet Legs Source
The Champion Champion Cut Champion Wraps Champion Arm Champion Boots Default Senja Set
Hoplomachus Hoplomachus Helm Hoplomachus Wraps Hoplomachus Arm Hoplomachus Boots Premium Shop
Solstorm Solstorm Cut Solstorm Wraps Solstorm Caliber 8-0 Arm Solstorm Boots Premium Shop



Set Head Back Gear Chest Hip Sack Source
The Tactician Tactician Mask Tactician Bag Tactician Vest Tactician Pack Default Silo Set
Firestarter Firestarter Hood Firestarter Bag Firestarter Vest Firestarter Pack Exalted Founder's Pack
Scavenge Runner Scavenge Runner Monoptics Scavenge Runner Bag Scavenge Runner Vest Scavenge Runner Pack Premium Shop
Scoundrel Scoundrel Headwraps Scoundrel Bag Scoundrel Vest Scoundrel Pack Premium Shop



Set Back Gear Waist Arms Head Source
The Alchemist Alchemist Backpack Alchemist Garb Alchemist Gloves Alchemist Head Default Venomess Set
Hand of Tox Hand of Tox Backpack Hand of Tox Garb Hand of Tox Gloves Hand of Tox Head Gloom Break Reward Tower
Mazepunk Mazepunk Backpack Mazepunk Garb Mazepunk Gloves Mazepunk Helm Premium Shop
Operation Eminence File:Operation Eminence Style Set.png Operation Eminence Backpack Operation Eminence Garb Operation Eminence Gloves Operation Eminence Head Gloom Break Premium Pass
Poisonproof Poisonproof Backpack Poisonproof Garb Poisonproof Gloves Poisonproof Head Premium Shop



Set Head Shoulders Waist Arms Source
The Seeker Seeker Helm
No Helmet
Seeker Pauldrons Seeker Sash Seeker Gloves Default Wingrave Set
Archon Inquisitor Archon Inquisitor Helm Archon Inquisitor Pauldrons Archon Inquisitor Sash Archon Inquisitor Gloves Premium Shop
Imperial Vanguard Imperial Vanguard Helm Imperial Vanguard Pauldrons Imperial Vanguard Sash Imperial Vanguard Gloves Premium Shop
Knight of the Throne Knight of the Throne Helm Knight of the Throne Pauldrons Knight of the Throne Sash Knight of the Throne Gloves Exalted Founder's Pack


Skins are unique weapon customizations. They are currently undyeable, though that is planned to change.[1] When acquiring a weapon for the first time, the appearance of that weapon becomes a skin available for use on all other weapons in that family.

  • Henbane's Description says it's a Scythe persona, but in the customization menu it's for 2H Heavy weapons.

  • Chimera's Description says it's a Rifle persona, but in the customization menu it's for Shotguns.
  • Radiance's Description says it's a Rifle persona, but in the customization menu it's for Shotguns.


Dyes are used to color character Styles through the use of 4 Dye Channels. The Dye Channels consist of Primary, Secondary, Trim, and Emissive.

Gloom Dagger[edit]

The Gloom Dagger can be equipped with a skin. This skin is purely cosmetic.

Trinkets & Charms[edit]

Trinkets are attached to a character's waist for extra flair.

Charms are weapon attachments for bonus flair.

Emotes & Sprays[edit]

Emotes and Sprays are used to socialize and communicate with other players via the Emote Wheel.

Loading Art[edit]

Loading Art will change the appearance of all Loading Screens.


Profile items are currently unimplemented, though a general layout can be seen when viewing someone on your Friends List.

Name Source
Crewmember Awakened Founder's Pack
Original Initiate Founder's Pack
Precursor Exalted Founder's Pack
Tested Participated in the Closed Beta Test
Wayfounder Base Founder's Pack

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