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Before the Gloomfall

It’s said the Celestial Architects (Arcs) forged Evenor from primal elements, imposing order on primordial chaos. But humans weren’t the first creatures to walk this new-formed world. The first children of the Architects, called the Precursors, wielded immense power, and ultimately turned that power against their creators and challenged the Arcs for control of reality. Today, all that remains of these Precursors are the relics of that war: a vast fortress labyrinth; a sword one thousand feet long, half-buried in the petrified corpse of a forgotten colossus, and many other strange wonders scattered across the world. Humanity knows little of this conflict, save that the Arcs were the victors. In the wake of this conflict, the Arcs left the world in the hands of humanity, leaving one gift behind - the Beacons. These imposing towers are charged with elemental energy – a power that can be tapped by skilled Arcanists. Throughout human history, the greatest cities have been built around Beacons, from the industrial sprawl of the Avar Throne to the many-spired Citadel of the Seven Winds.

While there have been clashes between nations—endless skirmishes between the Avar Imperium and the Maze—the last century has been a time of prosperity. But scholars have always been intrigued by the unanswered questions and the lingering mysteries surrounding the Arcs and the Precursors. Three years ago, the Arcanist Omen founded the Seekers, a band of scholars and adventurers determined to uncover the secrets of the past.

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After the Gloomfall[edit]

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