Dark Rituals

Dark Rituals
Category Quests
Type Main Story Quests
Rewards 4805Resonance
Blue Gloomstone
475Memory Fragment
21Medium Wayfinder Resonance Cache
2000Reward Tower XP
Dread Legion Gloomtrace Fragment
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The Ring of Blood The Road To Ruin

Dark Rituals is a main quest in Wayfinder.



You must find Seeker Avala in Deepwood Holt and ask for her help in entering the Hollow Heart of the Woods.


Omen believes there may be an alternative way to enter the Reaver King's domain. She wants you to find Seeker Avala in Deepwood Holt and ask for her help in entering the Hollow Heart of the Woods.



Clear The Ring of Blood.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.



  • Phase 1
    • Talk to Seeker Avala in Deepwood Holt
  • Phase 2
    • Find Evidence of Reavers Working With Gloom Creatures in the Bone Orchard
  • Phase 3
    • Disrupt a Reaver Sacrifice in the Bone Orchard
  • Phase 4
    • Speak to Seeker Avala in Deepwood Holt
  • Phase 5
    • Find a Reaver Sacrificial Ritual in the Bone Orchard
  • Phase 6
    • Allow the Reavers to complete their Sacrifice
  • Phase 7
    • Speak to Seeker Avala in Deepwood Holt


Start Quest

Are you there, little ghost? Can you sing for me?


I hear you, witch. My name is Omen. If you have need of me, if you're asking for my help... use it.


The ghost has some substance, it seems. Very well... Omen. I have bound your champion to Marrow's heart, forged them into a weapon that can kill our enemy. But the path is blocked.

Aturach, the King, resides in the Heart of the Woods—one of the last bastions of the primal forces from which this world is formed. It was a place of purest beauty and power.

Now your Gloom has wormed its way into the heart of my King, and he has claimed the Heart of the Woods. He has fashioned wards using the power of the Gloom, barriers I cannot breach.

This Gloom is your doing, you and your kind. Perhaps you can find a way past his defenses.


It is not MY Gloom, Graymourn. But she may be right, Wayfinder. We were able to use the lore of the First to reach the Frostmarch without a connection; there may be a way to cut through this wall.

I can't leave the Beacon, and I can't find a solution while kept so far away. But...


Curious. Why can't you come to visit... Omen?


There's no time for this. I've assigned a Seeker to Deepwood Holt. She understands the Gloom better than anyone other than myself and Lord Halar.


Is that Seeker Avala?


Yes. I know she's... young, but I trust her instincts. Work with her. Arcs willing, you can find a path forward.


We ask for help and you offer us fragments and failures? Bah. Do as you will, Echo. I will keep my own council and ponder the approaching end.

Clear Phase 1
Seeker Avala

A Wayfinder—how delightful! Have you spent much time in the Shrouded Woods? The natural life here has mutated in such a curious way; I'd love to take a sample of your blood, if you don't mind.


Not right now. Omen and I need your help.

Seeker Avala

Omen needs MY help? Am I being reassigned already?


We need to find a way to the Heart of the Woods.

Seeker Avala

Sweet vindication! I pulled some records from the Archives detailing the history of the region. Chronicler Corbin argued it was a frivolous use of the Archives' resources, but I had a feeling!

Now, if I recall, this Heart of the Woods was important to the Woodwen people. It was their first Lost Zone... and I believe it was where the Gloom first broke through into the Frostmarch.


Is that important?

Seeker Avala

Extremely. I believe it suggests that the Gloomfall was triggered by a series of regional attacks—that the same forces which attacked Skylight may have targeted the Heart of the Woods.


You think someone triggered a Gloom collapse?

Seeker Avala

I do! Skylight was attacked. Is it so hard to imagine a series of attacks took place?


But this was just a forest grove...

Seeker Avala

With a deep connection to primal energies. Whoever did this knew much more about the structure of reality than we do at present.

The Reavers, this Hollow One... They seem to be connected to the Gloom, but not like the gloomtouched beasts or plants we've seen before. There's a piece we're missing here.

I need to know more about the relationship between the Reavers and the Gloom. Return to that... Bone Orchard and look for any interaction between the two.


Anything in particular?

Seeker Avala

Hard to say, really. I'm sure we'll know it when we see it. At least, I hope so! Let's try.

Clear Phase 2
Seeker Avala

There! That's exactly what we're looking for. Stop that ritual!

Clear Phase 3
Seeker Avala

Fascinating! The resonance between the organic and the etheric is—Well, just come back to Deepwood while I study this.

Clear Phase 4
Seeker Avala

Have you spent much time observing parasitism between species? It's something of a hobby of mine. The Reavers and gloomtouched, they seemed reminiscent of it. Enemies, yet not.

More importantly, there was an interaction of energies I don't entirely understand.


So, did we learn anything useful?

Seeker Avala

Every finding is useful in field research! But I take your point. Breathe easy, we are a step closer.

Next, we need to introduce a control group and compare our results. I need to know what would have happened if you hadn't interfered with the ritual.


Which means…

Seeker Avala

I need you to reenter those deadly, darkling woods and observe another ritual. Ah, but this time, don't stop it!



Clear Phase 5
Seeker Avala

Remember, we need them to complete the ritual! Just run around and, um, be sure to dodge when they viciously attack you!

Clear Phase 6
Seeker Avala

Hmm... it seems sacrificing gloom creatures empowers them. Concerning, to be sure. Thats all the data I need. Come on back when you're ready.

Clear Quest
Seeker Avala

Remarkable, Wayfinder, was it not? I can't wait to tell Grandfather about this! This redefines our entire understanding of what it means to be Gloomtouched.

FLORA? I mean, who saw that coming? And the etheric resonance? It's just—


Avala, please, time is of the essence.

Seeker Avala

Oh my, yes, of course. Give me a moment to gather my notes and I'll explain everything!

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