Master of Arms

Master of Arms
Category Quests
Type Priority Quests
Rewards 100Resonance
500Memory Fragment
Weapon Mastery Unlocked

Master of Arms is a priority quest in Wayfinder.



Arsenal wants to speak to you about ways to improve your combat prowess.


Arsenal approached you about expanding your combat prowess. Under her guidance, you have mastered a new type of weapon and can now call upon their power.



Clear Walking in Shadows.

Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.


  • Phase 1
    • Speak to Arsenal in Skylight


Start Quest

It is time to unlock your full potential, Wayfinder. Come see me in Skylight.

Clear Quest

You have great skill with your chosen weapon, Wayfinder. But you are not limited to the weapons you mastered in your former life.

You gather memory fragments as you battle the Gloom—trace memories of those lost to it. You can use these to summon new Wayfinders into the world, but you can also use them to unlock skills.

You can unlock the memories of a expert marksman or master of the twin blades. You may love your chosen weapon—but there will be a time when another will better suit your needs.

I have set you on the path, Wayfinder. You must learn where it will lead you.

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