Weapon and Wielder

Weapon and Wielder
Category Quests
Type Priority Quests
Rewards 100Resonance
Weapon Affinity Unlocked

Weapon and Wielder is a priority quest in Wayfinder.



Kestrel has some additional insight that may help you strengthen your weapons beyond their inherent power.


Kestrel mentioned some ways you can use the Shrike principles of Instinct, Discipline, and Focus to improve your proficiency with your weapon.



Start quest[edit]

Starts automatically.


  • Phase 1
    • Speak to Kestrel in Lower Skylight


Start Quest

You're good, but you could be better, yeah? You can get more from your weapons than old Arsenal knows. Interested? Then let's talk.

Clear Quest

Your crusty old weapons master has told you all about your weapons and their legends, yeah? All good. But what matters isn't the past of a thing. It's making it your own.

Instinct, discipline, focus. Do you rely on training and tradition, or let the moment guide you? How do YOU wield this weapon? Find your own way, and your path with it.

The old Shrikes brought down enemies with greater numbers and resources because we made the most of what we had. You do the same, love. Make it your own.

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